Every so often we like to give a basic breakdown of the many job boards and resource sites out there. This time we are focusing on CareerBuilder.com (with whom we do not have any partnership).

Cost: Free for job seekers

How It Works: You create an account and upload your resume. CareerBuilder.com allows you to conduct a search for postings based on keywords, industry, job categories, location with a mileage range, posting date, education requirements, and salary range. They even allow you to exclude certain companies or job titles from your search. Of course, you can set up alerts so that you are notified when jobs meeting certain parameters get posted on their site.

CareerBuilder also provides access to the “Job Recommendations” tool, which scans your resume for certain terms and creates a list of opportunities that are relevant. There are settings that help you stay confidential, or you can set it up so employers know everything about you. CareerBuilder offers a ResumeUpgrade service in which they basically charge you a fee to move your information up in search rankings relative to other candidates when employers and recruiters conduct a search. There are different levels of the ResumeUpgrade…the more you spend, the better your ranking.

CareerBuilder has recently added an iPhone app and an Android app letting users go mobile with their job search and resume submittal activities.

Assessment: Overall, this is a good site with several caveats.

1. CareerBuilder is huge, so there can be a lot of stuff to weed through to find what you really want. Using proper parameters in your search is important.
2. Competition is strong. Because CareerBuilder is such a popular site, your resume is going to be posted there with thousands of candidates that have similar backgrounds.
3. CareerBuilder works well for candidates below the executive or director level. For executive positions or if you are targeting highly specialized industries, this may not be the best place to start.

Overall, I give CareerBuilder two thumbs up. But don’t let this be your only job search resource.

To check it out for yourself, go to www.CareerBuilder.com.

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