web--141112-324Who Said Career Advancement Had To Be a Solo Effort?

Back when people stayed with the same company for most of their careers and tech market demands were less complex, tossing together a basic resume and leveraging a few network connections was the norm. And if you earned a new certification or graduate degree, the doors automatically opened for you.

But today technical career advancement requires a different strategy, and that strategy starts by understanding the current state of the market and adjusting for it. That’s not easy to do when there’s more to life than just work.

That’s why NoddlePlace is here. We believe your career is valuable and should be protected.


We understand the complexities of the technical market and the demands on your time. We know your livelihood matters and that you now have people who depend on you. You have a lot to protect! That’s why we believe in making technical career advancement simple even in a job market that’s gone a bit insane. Our technical resume solutions provide you the depth and versatility to adapt to different hiring scenarios, from external moves to internal promotions to consulting/contract opportunities.

We also understand that this next career move is just the beginning and that over the next 25-35 years, you are likely to have anywhere from 8 to 12 more career moves. That’s why we also want to make it easy for you to get prepared and stay that way no matter what the market might do. Our career advancement protection approach does just that. We stay on top of things so you don’t have to.

Meet Your Resume Messaging Architects

Our master-certified resume and personal branding architects focus exclusively on the technical job market, which means that they are “ever ready” to adjust to the latest demands. Over the past year alone, we have adapted our solutions from a resume-based offering to one that includes job search “launch” solutions. That is what we do here: We listen to what the tech market wants, and we design our solutions to meet it.

So take some time and check our architects out. When you get started with us, we will pair you up with the architect that has the best background/experience for you. You will get a chance to work with your architect to craft your brand messaging, and then your architect will manage the ongoing career advancement portion from there, giving you updates and reminders as needed so that you have the peace of mind that we are taking care of it.


NoddlePlace Kalindi Bio PhotoKalindi

Solutions Architect (Areas of Specialty: IT, Engineering, and Project Management)

Kalindi is a Certified Master Resume Writer known for strategically positioning clients for career success through the development of winning resumes, cover letter, LinkedIn profiles, interview…


NoddlePlace Richard Bio PhotoRichard

Solutions Architect (Areas of Specialty: IT, Engineering, and Tech Finance)

Richard is an Academy Certified Master Resume Writer and former Professional in Human Resources with more than 30 years of experience in professional staffing and marketing document development focused on the fields of Technology and Finance…


NoddlePlace Chris Bio PhotoChris

Solutions Architect (Areas of Specialty: IT, Project Management, Medicine, and Science)

Chris is a former Systems Operator for Nokia and Web Programmer for high-profile clients such as Garmin and Microsoft. Now he specializes in crafting quality career marketing documents such as resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and portfolio pages.

web--141112-340Stephen Van Vreede

Executive Solutions Architect (Areas of Specialty: Executive-level Technology Leadership and Telecom)

Stephen (aka @Noddleplace on Twitter) brings 10 years as a career branding strategist/resume writer to the team. He also brings 8 years of corporate management experience, where he…