How Are You Preparing for 25+ More Years in the Tech Job Market?

Let’s face it. You joined the technical ranks for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it promised to be innovative and challenging. It also seemed “secure” with companies expanding and opening up positions for “tech talent.”

And so far, you’ve held your own. But it hasn’t been everything you thought it would be. Maybe you’ve chased after the expensive certs or even the graduate degree to try to appease the mixed signals the market gives, and maybe you’ve tried to play the corporate “game” even with the poor hiring and retention policies most companies have and leadership that still doesn’t “get tech” (but thinks it does).

You know you have a lot to offer, and maybe you could be even further along than you are. But despite all the talk of advancement and promotion opportunities, life, personal stuff, your current job all seem to conspire to keep you from doing what you know you need to do: Get prepared and stay that way.

You’re not alone.

A lot of “emerging” technical professionals are in the same boat. And, sadly, most of them won’t do anything about it. They will continue to play the “wait and see” or “hope for the best” game. They’ll just keep going for more certifications or paying to maintain the ones they have, praying that gives them an edge in the market. They won’t do anything like invest in an ongoing career advancement plan.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be simple.

Thankfully, although 95% might be content to do nothing, you don’t have to be one of them. You can look back after the next 3 or 4 career moves and see when you got properly prepared and that you stayed that way with relative ease. Isn’t that what personal branding and career advancement should be about?

That’s why the NoddlePlace team of resume and branding architects is here! And now, to take our messaging and put it into action, we have our very own NoNonsense Job Search Agent!

The Resume Is Only Part of the Story

Back in the not-so-distant day, you put a basic 1-page (maybe 2-page) resume together, worked a few connections or answered a few job ads, and felt pretty certain the right opportunity would come along. Then if you worked hard and didn’t burn too many bridges, you most likely had a pretty secure career path ahead of you perhaps even with the same company.

That’s how 95% of technical candidates still approach the market.

They don’t realize that although resumes are still important (despite what you may hear), they don’t tell the whole story and they often aren’t even read because they all look and sound the same.

That’s why NoddlePlace made a radical adjustment over the past year, to continue to embrace the chronological resume (because it still serves a purpose) but to build in addenda or portfolio pages to go along with the resume that, when used properly, can help build in flexibility and prepare you to face different hiring scenarios. In addition, we recognize the growing significance of the LinkedIn profile and, even more importantly, the need for it to be optimized for LinkedIn’s search algorithm.

Our portfolio pages include Problem-Solutions-Results, Innovation, Bio, Marketing Brief, Project Highlights Brief, and Testimonials pages, just to name a few. Furthermore, we also offer Infographic Resumes that can add another dimension but only when used properly.

There are so many tools at your disposal in today’s job search, but you don’t need to do (or buy!) all of them. That’s why we take a membership approach instead of just tossing together resumes and LinkedIn profiles a la carte. This way we focus only on what works.

So let us assess your goals and build a solution strategy that’s right for you and your advancement needs. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Preparation Is One Thing; Rollout Is Another

Once your resume and brand messaging strategy is prepared, now it is time to start thinking about your product “launch.” As you know by now, at NoddlePlace, simplification is the name of our game. That’s why we’re more than a resume-only design firm that just sends you on your way. We actually help our technical members roll out/launch their searches! (It’s safe to say that no one else is doing that!)

Recruiter Matching

As you may know, the recruiting industry has ballooned over the past 5 years, but it is both time consuming and frustrating for you to figure out the best recruiters to engage (geographic location no longer has much to do with it; most technical recruiters fill positions out of their state/country). Therefore, recruiter matching is becoming a useful resource. Based on parameters specific to you and your situation, for each of our members, we offer the option of having us research and build a list of the best technical recruiters for you based on our database and network. We can even take it a step further and launch a full-scale campaign on your behalf to introduce you to these recruiters.

Strategic Visioning

Most plans fail for lack of strategy. It’s why just getting a resume and tossing it out there, usually at some job board, is not the most effective way to conduct your next career move, particularly when career progression is so important to you. Instead, it’s necessary to set a plan in place for how you can accomplish your goals so that when your resume and other materials are ready to go, you know where you are headed. For each of our members, we also offer the option of having us set a Strategic Vision for your job search. It doesn’t take long. It isn’t painful. In fact, it’s designed to be quite simple!

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I am so glad that at least now I have a plan for how to conduct this crazy job search. Thanks for everything!” Melissa W. (IT Director, West Chester, PA)

Your Career Deserves A Job Search Agent

Most tech pros don’t realize that the average job search today takes about 1 month for every $10-20K in salary. And that’s when you make job searching a full-time gig!

You can double or triple that number for most passive seekers who don’t have as much time to spend (many of whom just give up).

Job boards continue to be the least effective method; yet they remain the one most used.

We get it. They’re alluring. They advertise hope. They make it seem easy (what else can you do at 2am?). Sometimes they actually even work. In reality, though, they more often extend the job search process with 150+ candidates applying for every posting out there. It’s why you need other avenues in addition to these boards.

It’s time to move away from the masses and take back some control.

LinkedIn Network Building

So you have some good contacts but not too many, or you have quite a few, but you still aren’t sure what to do with them. Maybe you go to a network mixer or two, but not much seems to come from it. You keep hearing that networking is so effective, but so far, you’ve only seen glimpses of it or just can’t get enough traction to keep it going.

The problem with most networking efforts is that meeting people is only the first step; engaging with them in a strategic way is another.
Our NoNonsense Job Search Agent is here to leverage our extensive network of technical professionals to build strategic introductions for you based on your goals and parameters. It gets you out of the networking loop and on your way to progress!

Employer Profiling With Your Job Search Agent

Why not decide where you want to work? You don’t have to wait around for job postings anymore.

So here’s how it all comes together. . . .Sue, our resident “NoNonsense Job Search Agent,” gets you aligned with the best employers for you based on your criteria (called Write the Vision), in touch with a specific contact at those employers (Make It Plain), and on your way to building connections with these potential employers (Run With It).

Sue not only walks you through the process, but she also handles much of the “grunt work!”

She conducts the research and prepares your employer profile, she finds you contact names at each employer, she researches the contacts to look for shared connections, and she sends out introductions on your behalf to these contacts all while you focus on your current work or family and other parts of your job search (like job boards, if you must, and recruiters). How simple is that for you?

Is it magic pill? Does it work fast? No and not always. But it does give you other opportunities and momentum that you would not otherwise have, which in today’s market is essential. It’s the way top talent has been conducting their searches for years.

“Could you send me about 10 business cards? I keep a few in my portfolio to hand to individuals who are looking for this very necessary and very important help.” Darryl L. (Project Manager, Lancaster, PA)

Pipelines Are an Important Piece of the Career Advancement Puzzle

Here’s what really separates the “achievers” from the “dreamers” in almost any career, but especially in tech. In the technical job market, it’s important to build pipelines.

A pipeline is a source of possible opportunities for you. You want to have a few of these pipelines in place so that you can flag these possibilities as they come up and so that you never have to start a job search from scratch again. You’re just too valuable for that.

Many people are convinced about peer-to-peer networking, although very few do it well. But not many are as convinced about the merits of social media recruiting or employer profiling. All of these can be different “pipelines” for you if you build them properly and then maintain them.

But we get it. That can seem like a lot of work. So that’s where NoddlePlace comes in. We don’t just “do” resumes; we come alongside our members to position you not just for this next career move but also for the ones beyond.

Our Membership Status Levels
A lot of people think they just need to get a resume “done” or have their LinkedIn profile spruced up, and then they can just toss them out and see how they do. But those of us who really want a sustaining career understand that our materials are just one part of the job search. They have to come together with a strategy behind them to be as effective as they can be. Otherwise, you are just “hoping for the best.”

And hope is not a strategy!

That’s why at NoddlePlace instead of just “selling” documents we provide memberships where we can support our dedicated and top technical candidates in growing and sustaining their careers. Our various membership status levels are as follows:

  • Achiever: Offered in two forms, this option gets you going with your (a) resume/LI profile or (b) resume/infographic resume and matched recruiter list or strategic visioning session. Basically, it helps you get your feet wet in setting the stage for this next career move.
  • High Achiever: Combining the two options from the Achiever membership, this status level offers the resume, LinkedIn profile, and Infographic resume along with a choice of matched recruiter list or strategic visioning session.
  • Over-Achiever: Going a step further, this status level offers the resume, LinkedIn profile, Infographic resume, and cover letter along with a fully launched recuiter matching campaign AND strategic visioning session.
  • Exclusive Achiever: Combining all of the solutions from the Over-Achiever membership, this status level works exclusively with Co-Founder Stephen Van Vreede as well as includes LinkedIn Network Building and Employer Profiling.

Each of our membership solutions also offers discounts on adding on other solutions like our portfolio pages and more job search launch solutions. All of the options are laid out in our Customized Solutions Proposal, which we put together after conducting our Upcoming Career Move Prep Session.

Let us we worry about the tech job market. You’re then free to focus on other things like … getting the baby to sleep and walking the dog and meeting this project deadline or that benchmark!

Your Career Advancement. SIMPLIFIED.