What Type of ROI Will You Choose?

No matter how you decide to move forward with your next career move, you have 3 options: Go It Alone, Go With Traditional Resume Firm, or Go With Us.

So we’ve prepared the following comparison charts, along with our latest ROI stats, for you to review because you should know where your resources are going.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Going It Alone vs. Going With Traditional Resume Firm

Here’s a look at the possible ROI most professionals try to choose from: to tackle this next career move either on your own or with the aid of a traditional resume firm (click on each image to expand):

ROI from Going It AloneROI From Going Traditional

As you can see, typically, the decision comes down to choosing between the sunk cost of your own time/lost opportunity versus the unknown ROI from a traditional resume firm.

Going With Us

When we chose to narrow our focus on the tech market and those who serve it, it became clear to us that we had to do better for our members. That is when we developed our one-of-a-kind job search “launch” solutions (click on image to expand):

ROI From Going With Us
NoddlePlace Stats vs. National Averages

Resume Response Rate

National Average

  • 50 resumes sent to job boards, recruiters, network connections before receiving 1st call (not necessarily an interview)

NoddlePlace & ITtechExec (Sister Site) Average (as of July 2014)

  •  55% of members receive call/interview with 1-15 resumes sent
  • 35% with every 16-25 resumes sent
  • 10% with 26-35 resumes sent

This means ALL of our clients are surpassing the national average with 90% cutting the average in half!

Job Search Length

National Average

  • 5-10 months for every $100K in salary (1 month/$10K-$20K*) for full-time search (40 hr/wk of searching; part-time adds as much as 6-10 more months)

*The reported statistics are wide-ranging and vary depending on when the market dips in and out of recession, geography, industry, etc.

Our Average (as of July 2014)

  • 71 days or 2.4 months TOTAL (regardless of full/part-time search* or salary!)
  • Shortest full-time search recorded: 14 days; shortest part-time search recorded: 34 days
  • Longest full-time search recorded: 104 days; longest part-time search recorded: 141 days (turned down 2 offers; accepted 3rd)

*65% of our client members engage in part-time searches, 25% engage in full-time searches, and 10% are going for internal promotions. Our average reported client is beating the national average by 50-75%!

Number of Interviews Before First Offer

National Average

  • 12 interviews for every 1 offer (with low of 6 interviews up to as high as 17)

Our Average (as of July 2014)

  • 4-5 interviews before receiving first offer
  • 55% receive more than one offer
  • 35% turn down first offer