While scouring Twitter recently, I came across a discussion regarding the CIO title and whether it was becoming obsolete or evolving. The question was what alternative title there might be to the CIO title.

A few suggestions during this discussion were Chief Technology Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, and Chief Infrastructure Architect.

At the end of the day, is the title change really necessary or just fun with words?

Let us know what you think!

Furthermore, because the role of CIO has been near and dear to NoddlePlace co-founder Stephen Van Vreede, thanks to his work with CIO.com, last year, we hosted a Twitter chat discussing the changing role of CIOs and CTOs (“The Modern-Day CTO Recap“).

Some comments we’ve received when this discussion comes up are as follows:

“Seems to me that if the title is changing, then a new, clear job description needs to go with it along with metrics for performance evaluation. It’s also not clear to me in most organizations what the difference is between a CTO and a CIO and the need for both.” James Dawson

“I believe the idea the changing title has to do with a move from ‘information’ to ‘innovation’. To me, a CTO is more technology-focused, innovation-focused.” Mark Vuela

Since our Twitter chat, the Enterprise CIO Forum has released an interesting infographic that goes along with these discussions. [Click on the image below to enlarge.]

Chief Information Officer