Can You Be Certain About Your Current IT Resume?

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From the leaders in IT job search and career strategies, find out how much peace of mind you should have that your current IT resume is properly aligned with today’s job market. It’s free, anonymous (no email required), and takes less than 30 seconds to complete. Guaranteed.

About NoddlePlace

Simplified. Targeted. Certain.

My name is Stephen Van Vreede, and I overcome uncertainty everyday for my up-and-coming tech client members as a Technical Résumé Writer and Job Search Specialist, as well as a Technical Career Adviser to several news/industry outlets, like TechRepublic, Dice, the Linux Foundation, and I’m also co-author of UNCOMMON with renowned speaker and career coach Brian Tracy (released June 11, 2015).

uncommon the book with stephen van vreedeAlong with my team of writers and concierge job search agent, we support emerging “techie” leaders (5-15 years) in IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, engineering, medical device, biotech, supply chain/logistics, and all things STEM related, who have one thing in common, most likely the same thing you’re looking for:

To feel certain when you conduct your next career move that you are ready for the market and well positioned to meet its demands (not to hope you are or think you are but to have a level-headed, frank understanding of the market and your place in it).

That’s why after working with hundreds of clients each year, and after reporting on the technical job market to several industry news outlets, my team and I have put together a very simple, anonymous, self-assessment quiz designed to determine whether the IT resume or other technical resume you’ve put together should bring you a level of certainty (or peace of mind) that you are well positioned for the market.

How can an 8-question quiz assess “certainty”?

Simple. It examines a key ingredient in resume design: priorities. If you understand what the priorities should be for TODAY’S technical job market, then you will build a resume that meets them. If you don’t, then you won’t. You’ll build it for a different set of priorities. It might be nice looking; it might say all you want it to say; it might make you look like an tech industry giant.

But it will be misaligned. And misalignment is a big reason most companies say they can’t find “good” talent.

Based on our experience working with technical leaders, helping them to craft resume and personal brand messages, as well as provide concierge job search solutions, if you can score 80% or better on our quiz, then you are on your way to a simplified, targeted, and certain career move. If not, then there’s some work to be done, no matter how eye-catching your tech resume is or how much you personally like it.

So, Stop Wondering and Find Out!