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One Interview Tip You’re Probably Not Following So Well

Entrepreneurs Paying It Forward

A few months ago, we announced that our Co-Founder and IT/tech Career Strategist Stephen Van Vreede will be co-authoring a book with business development expert Brian Tracy called Uncommon. The complete title is UNcommon: Common Sense but Uncommon Knowledge from ​Today’s ​Leading ​Entrepreneurs and ​Professionals to ​Help ​You ​L​ead […]

How to Prep for 2015 Job Market

Great news: Bloomberg reports that after November’s remarkable hiring surge, the job market is expected to grow in 2015. If you’ve been stuck in a non-ideal or part-time job and are looking to make a strategic career move, now is the best time to do it. The way we […]

Significant Others and Your Tech Career

Don’t take this the wrong way, but…

The #1 impediment to career progression is often a significant other. (Yikes!)

The good news, though, is that on the flip side, our significant other can also be the #1 supporter of our career!

The line between becoming an impediment versus a supporter is […]

Personal Branding Scenarios for Techies

If you read career-related content today, you’re bound to see a lot of information out there hyping “personal branding” as the big thing. And indeed it is big! But what you don’t hear much about is how to plan the brand messaging strategy. For resumes and online profiles, it […]