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Technical Resume

IT Resumes: How to Stick to the Pertinent Facts

Once again, Sharon Florentine of asked our Co-Founder and Resume Strategist, Stephen Van Vreede, to participate in its “IT Resume Makeover Series.” This time he had the privilege of working with David Thornurb-Gundlach, a leader in enterprise architecture, who was having a hard time sifting through the wealth of experience he […]

Video Resumes: Are They Worth the Investment?

Sending traditional resumes into the void can feel like you’re throwing away your time and energy over and over again. In a competitive IT and tech job market, candidates who don’t cut it often won’t even receive a polite rejection letter. (The nerve!) One work-around to the drudgery of resume […]

Think You Know Where IT Resumes Are Headed? Think Again…

Many IT professionals, as well as those in other technical realms, are surprised to find out that the most effective approach in resumes today is not what they expected. Listen in on our latest podcast that details the newest trend in IT and technical resumes:

Is It Possible to Be Certain About Your IT Resume?

When I begin working with a new IT job seeker, without fail, there are two things they are hoping for: (1) a simplified career move backed with a level of (2) certainty (or peace of mind). With the job market a bit of a “zoo” and corporate hiring processes […]

Today’s Tech Job Market Can Be Uncertain, BUT

Let’s face it. Making a career move in today’s tech job market can be uncertain.

By “uncertain,” I don’t mean lack of jobs. I mean, well, uncertain. Career moves are happening every 3 to 4 years. Even if you beat those odds, change is very much a part of […]