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Technical Recruiting

Frustrated by Recruiters? You’re Not Alone!

One of the main issues we discuss here at NoddlePlace with our techie-type job seekers is how to deal with recruiters. The reason is because the engagement is rarely straightforward, and the expectations on both sides are often clouded, to say the least.

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Tech Recruiters May Be Everywhere, But They Sure Can Be Hard to Find

Recruiters are everywhere, but finding the ones who specifically place technical candidates can take a lot of work!

So why spend more time than you have to looking for them?

Successful people in today’s job market understand three things:

That time is a currency they can’t afford to waste, especially during a […]

Are You Chasing After Google Too? [Infographic]

Business Insider released the following infographic citing the top 100 employers based off of stats from LinkedIn. As a technical career strategist, this list is anything but surprising.

And as someone who’s worked with candidates to get into many of these employers, what’s also not surprising is that the more […]

Recruiters Are From…And Job Seekers Are From…

We’ve written pretty extensively about the strained relations that often go on between recruiters and job seekers. (See Building That Technical Recruiter Pipeline and LinkedIn Profiles and Recruiter Mismatch) It’s certainly no secret that the two groups often find themselves on different planets. To reiterate this point, I recently came across […]

Getting Your Resume “Right” for This Recruiter and That Recruiter

If there’s one thing that seems to be difficult for many job seekers to come to terms with it is recruiters. Internal or external ones, the same issues abound: Candidates continue to misunderstand exactly what recruiters do and how they do it, and recruiters don’t necessarily have the time […]