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Technical Consulting

Think You Know Where IT Resumes Are Headed? Think Again…

Many IT professionals, as well as those in other technical realms, are surprised to find out that the most effective approach in resumes today is not what they expected. Listen in on our latest podcast that details the newest trend in IT and technical resumes:

How Many Technical Certifications Is Enough?

What sounds like a basic question is often more difficult to answer than most tech pros realize. Listen in as I talk about this issue on our latest podcast:

How Much Time Do You Really Have For Your Next Career Move?

I hear a lot of professionals toss around numbers when it comes to how much time they have to spend preparing for and executing on their next career move. After a few mental calculations, they will often come up with something like, “I’d say at least 10 hours a […]

Is LinkedIn Just Another Form of Rolodex?

With LinkedIn and other social media bursting on the scene, most professionals either find themselves a bit hooked with using these sites but not really getting anywhere in terms of opportunity creation or frustrated by how much time they waste on these sites. In fact, for most professionals, LinkedIn, […]

How Much Is Your Job Search Time Worth?

Have you ever spent a week just tracking your time to see how much and where/when you will realistically be able to spend it on your next job search?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do BEFORE you get too far into your search! The reason is because it’s […]