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New Poll on the Current Status of Women in Tech Careers

Today, I am asking for a favor:

I’m working on a new technical career trends report for one of my industry news publications regarding women in STEM careers (science, tech, engineering, math), and I am trying to get a consensus from “real” people in the field regarding what their perception […]

Tired of Chasing Certifications?

Job-changers and entry-level job-seekers alike all seem to have the same question: Should I spruce up my resume with extra certifications? And if so, how many do I need to get the job of my dreams?

The answer? It depends.

Of course, showing off your skills and education is a good […]

How to Boost Your Tech Career Right Now

Technical professionals are generally very good at listing all the top certifications and credentials they “know” they need to make it in the technical arena. But one item that almost never makes the list is in regard to writing skills.

I’ve harped on this before, and for good reason.

Our writing […]

The Rise of She-Geeks

A lot has been made in recent years about the shortage of women geeks in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (otherwise known as “STEM”) fields. There seems be a great deal of conjecture on why more women are not taking up these fields, but according to this infographic from […]

Environmental Scientist (Vancouver, BC) Candidate Profile Snippet

Vancouver-based Environmental Scientist with 8 years of experience:

Registered Professional Biologist
MS in Environmental Science
BS in Environmental Science
Won multiple scholarships, grants, and awards
Author and co-author of several peer-reviewed journal articles
Presenter and speaker at environmental industry conferences and government symposia

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