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Software Development

Tech Recruiters May Be Everywhere, But They Sure Can Be Hard to Find

Recruiters are everywhere, but finding the ones who specifically place technical candidates can take a lot of work!

So why spend more time than you have to looking for them?

Successful people in today’s job market understand three things:

That time is a currency they can’t afford to waste, especially during a […]

Does Desk Organization Really Matter?

When I was a kid, at least once a year, my father would bring me to work with him when I had some type of day off from school. This was long before the days of organized corporate “bring your kid to work day” events where HR plans some […]

Do You Have 1 of the 12 Best Jobs?

In this infographic of the top 12 jobs in 2014 from Job, we see tech positions continuing to rank on top with double-digit growth in most of these positions from 2010 to 2013:


How Marketable Is Your Programming Knowledge?

eWeek recently released its top 10 list of most in-demand programming languages for 2014. No surprise…Java and JavaScript top the list.

Objective C

Several comments were made regarding HTML5 and CSS not being programming languages but markup and styling languages, respectively. Therefore, their inclusion on the list ruffled some feathers. However, […]

Mobile Security Solutions Architect (NYC) Candidate Profile

Vice President/Principal Architect with 15 years of mobile security application design, development, and delivery success:

Lead development teams to create core business solutions for a global technology sales division using Agile, Scrum, TDD, RUP, UML, and SDLC methodologies and MVC and SOA architecture
Define and institute technology standards and best practices […]