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Project Management

Why Do Most Technology Projects Fail?

For the past few years now, I have been running an annual poll on Polldaddy asking this question of my connections in tech:

<a href=””>Why Do Most Technology Projects Fail? (This poll has been taken yearly since 2012. Your response will be tabulated for the current year.)</a>

Year after year, the […]

How Ahmed Got Off of the LinkedIn Rolodex Wheel

by Stephen Van Vreede

As you probably know from reading my posts, I’ve been looking at ways to make LinkedIn more effective for my technical connections and client members other than just as a big, modern-day Rolodex. Through the career advisory work I do with TechRepublic, I had a chance to […]

How to Boost Your Tech Career Right Now

Technical professionals are generally very good at listing all the top certifications and credentials they “know” they need to make it in the technical arena. But one item that almost never makes the list is in regard to writing skills.

I’ve harped on this before, and for good reason.

Our writing […]

Strategic IT & Product Development Leader (in PA) Candidate Profile

IT Executive with 10 years of Organizational Change, Performance Optimization, and Innovative Solution Delivery experience:

History of solid career progression, earning most recent promotion to drive strategic change across a development organization
Successful in leading teams through all aspects of technology roadmap design and SaaS solution development, service, and support for […]

Advanced Technology Development Director Candidate Profile

Mechanical Engineer with 16 years of global product and solutions technology development program leadership experience:

Well versed in spearheading overseas cross-functional teams, specifically in the Asian corridor

Specializes in capturing emerging market opportunities as well in identifying partner and acquisition opportunities

Recipient of multiple patents for original design concepts

M.S. degree in mechanical engineering

Want to Find Out […]