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Market Trends

Getting Your Resume “Right” for This Recruiter and That Recruiter

If there’s one thing that seems to be difficult for many job seekers to come to terms with it is recruiters. Internal or external ones, the same issues abound: Candidates continue to misunderstand exactly what recruiters do and how they do it, and recruiters don’t necessarily have the time […]

What Is Employer Profiling Anyway?

When it comes to the job search, most professionals seem to understand that networking is the most effective method. However, for them, that usually means meeting people who can tell them about current job openings and hopefully refer them to the employer. In other words, they use networking as […]

Addicted to Career Credentials?

We often think of drugs and alcohol when we hear the word “addiction” as they are mainstays of both the news and cultural discussions, but if we are honest, there are many other things that have a hold on us, from food to money to cultural expectations and so […]

Is Professionalism in the Workplace #1?

So I was reading through the latest survey data to come out on world of work trends, and I came across this information from the Center for Professional Excellence from York College of Pennsylvania. After surveying about 400 HR professionals, this infographic shows an overview of their results. What […]

Do You Have 1 of the 12 Best Jobs?

In this infographic of the top 12 jobs in 2014 from Job, we see tech positions continuing to rank on top with double-digit growth in most of these positions from 2010 to 2013: