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Market Trends

Will the Internet of Things Affect Your IT/Tech Career Future?

Good news for IT and tech employees: A whole new employment sector is on the rise. Will you be on the cutting edge or one of the people trailing behind?

Late last month, CNET reported that IBM will be investing $3B in a new “Internet of Things” unit. While this […]

Frustrated by Recruiters? You’re Not Alone!

One of the main issues we discuss here at NoddlePlace with our techie-type job seekers is how to deal with recruiters. The reason is because the engagement is rarely straightforward, and the expectations on both sides are often clouded, to say the least.

Listen in our latest podcast by NoddlePlace […]

How Much Is Your Job Search Time Worth?

Have you ever spent a week just tracking your time to see how much and where/when you will realistically be able to spend it on your next job search?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do BEFORE you get too far into your search! The reason is because it’s […]

How Ahmed Got Off of the LinkedIn Rolodex Wheel

by Stephen Van Vreede

As you probably know from reading my posts, I’ve been looking at ways to make LinkedIn more effective for my technical connections and client members other than just as a big, modern-day Rolodex. Through the career advisory work I do with TechRepublic, I had a chance to […]

Playing the Job Board Runaround

Answer truthfully: Have you ever gotten a great job via a job board? Do you know anybody who has in the past 5 years?

If your answer to these questions is “no,” or “just one or two,” then you already know for yourself that the job board has faded as […]