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Tech Recruiters May Be Everywhere, But They Sure Can Be Hard to Find

Recruiters are everywhere, but finding the ones who specifically place technical candidates can take a lot of work!

So why spend more time than you have to looking for them?

Successful people in today’s job market understand three things:

That time is a currency they can’t afford to waste, especially during a […]

Tired of Chasing Certifications?

Job-changers and entry-level job-seekers alike all seem to have the same question: Should I spruce up my resume with extra certifications? And if so, how many do I need to get the job of my dreams?

The answer? It depends.

Of course, showing off your skills and education is a good […]

How to Boost Your Tech Career Right Now

Technical professionals are generally very good at listing all the top certifications and credentials they “know” they need to make it in the technical arena. But one item that almost never makes the list is in regard to writing skills.

I’ve harped on this before, and for good reason.

Our writing […]

The U.S. Manufacturing Job Market Turnaround?

Could it be that the manufacturing job market in the United States is beginning to turn around, even if ever so slightly?

In 2013, Caterpillar, GE, and Ford each announced that they were going to bring some operations back to the U.S., thanks to rising costs overseas. And the Bureau […]

US-based Chief Product Development Officer Candidate Profile

US-based Chief Product Officer with 15+ years of product development, engineering, and management experience:

International experience in B2B industries
UC Berkeley MBA
R&D and Product Engineering for complex technical issues
Excellent organizational leader creating high-accountability structures
Brings focus on value delivery and ROI in product development decisions
Pioneers the development of rapid release SaaS solutions

Want […]