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Career Management

Your Job in Tech Market: Is it Time to Stay or Time to Go?

Classic career advice says that you should aim to stay at every job for a minimum of one year — but how do you know when it’s time to move on?

There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about the dramatically changing workplace and how shorter […]

Should Your Income Be a Secret Anymore?

What would you do if you found out your colleagues were making significantly more than you for the exact same work?

Think back to all of those times you stayed late at the office. The skipped lunch breaks. Missed social opportunities. And especially all of those brilliant ideas of yours […]

How to Determine Cultural Fit Before You Take the Job

In 2014, we were inundated with reports, blog articles, and LinkedIn group and Twitter chats all driving home the notion that cultural fit was the #1 issue in hiring today. Poll after poll and study after study made it clear that cultural fit was what both candidates and employers […]

Your Technical Career: Presentation Matters

In today’s marketplace, you might often be thinking: “Good help is becoming increasingly hard to find. Whom do I trust?”

Just like you, this is exactly what employers are wondering when you approach them in the job search process. And just like you, they want more certainty. It’s why the […]

Will the Internet of Things Affect Your IT/Tech Career Future?

Good news for IT and tech employees: A whole new employment sector is on the rise. Will you be on the cutting edge or one of the people trailing behind?

Late last month, CNET reported that IBM will be investing $3B in a new “Internet of Things” unit. While this […]