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Candidate Profiles

IT Enterprise Architecture Director (in MN) Candidate Profile

Technology Leader with 18 years of Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, SOA & BPM Experience:

History of progressive technology career accountability, supporting healthcare and financial services operations
Successful in leading teams through all aspects of technology strategy roadmap design and execution
Adept at creating scalable and repeatable infrastructure solutions
Effective in engaging internal IT […]

Finance, Compliance & Business Controls Leader (in CA) Candidate Profile

Finance Executive with 15+ years of Financial Operations, Forecasting, Data Management & Reporting, and Finance Systems Risk, Audit & Compliance experience:

History of progressive career accountability, supporting financial initiatives across corporate, division, and field operations
Successful in leading teams through all aspects of strategic vision design and execution
Adept at creating Risk […]

Strategic IT & Product Development Leader (in PA) Candidate Profile

IT Executive with 10 years of Organizational Change, Performance Optimization, and Innovative Solution Delivery experience:

History of solid career progression, earning most recent promotion to drive strategic change across a development organization
Successful in leading teams through all aspects of technology roadmap design and SaaS solution development, service, and support for […]

Senior IT Infrastructure Manager (NL, Canada) Candidate Profile

IT Director with 14 years of developing advanced solutions and providing exemplary service delivery and support:

Development of global ICT framework, building an entire IT infrastructure to reflect new corporate identity as a result of merger
Well versed in aligning ICT strategies with corporate goals, managing the IT procurement and allocation […]

Healthcare IT Infrastructure Director (in OH) Candidate Profile

IT Operations/Infrastructure Leader combines 15 years of network engineering with MBA/ITIL Certification:

Designing innovative healthcare IT solutions using LEAN process improvement that better enable business operations
Driving cost savings using technology
Helping lead the business through strategic transformation
Leading the integration of HIS, PACS, and other core technologies
Coordinating the transition to a virtualized […]