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Big Data

The Internet of Everything (IoE) and What It Means for Tech Careers

A few weeks ago, I published a guest post called “The Industrial Internet and What It Means for Tech Careers” by Fasih Sandhu, which provided us with an overview of the Industrial Internet. As a top consultant in today’s technology field, Fasih writes extensively on the Industrial Internet as […]

Is Your Data Center Ready for Big Data?

Is your data center ready for the big data squeeze? This infographic from Forsythe Focus Magazine outlines what will be required from our data centers by 2020, when digital data is expected to increase by a factor of 44.

Don’t Know Computer Code? Well, Then, You Don’t Know…

In the article, “Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won’t Hire You,” Kirk McDonald, president of PubMatic, an ad tech company in Manhattan, made a provocative case for why despite the plethora of computing jobs that will be available over the next decade (120,000 as of his count), the 40,000 […]

Big Data: Top 15 Companies

In August 2013, Network World published a list of the 15 most powerful big data companies. We have summarized the list here with the amount of big data revenue (as of 2012) listed in parentheses.

1. IBM ($1.3B)

2. HP ($664M)

3. Teradata ($435M)

4. Oracle ($415M)

5. SAP ($368M)

6. EMC ($336M)

7. Amazon (revenue […]