Simplifying Your Technical Career Advancement

Let’s Try a New Way of Doing Things

NoddlePlace is not your “old school” resume-only firm. Instead we focus heavily on the ROI our members receive. To do that, we’ve built an entire branding/resume messaging division that guides our candidates to success in the tech/engineering/IT markets using a portfolio approach. On top of that, we use one-of-a-kind concierge job search “launch” solutions that create momentum for our candidates as they get started with their job search.

But what we’ve discovered in crafting our approach is that the tendency is to rush right out into the market with your shiny new resume without a strong strategy behind it, just hoping something sticks. In today’s market, it often results in a lot of activity (along with busyness, stress, and frustration) with mediocre return. And we want to set you up for long-term achievement!

So to get the results and peace of mind that we focus on for our members, we’ve developed a unique way of setting the stage for achieving the best results while saving our clients time and frustration. We do that by beginning with our Upcoming Career Move “Prep” Session.

No matter where you are in the process of making that next move (just starting to think about it or in full-blown active mode), to protect you from the chaos that comes with the technical job market “zoo,” we provide our Upcoming Career Move “Prep” Session exclusively with Co-Founder Stephen Van Vreede (Technical Career Strategist featured in, TechRepublic, and Dice). It is designed to get you up to speed on where the market is today, how well you are positioned for the market you are targeting, and the steps we can take to get you better prepared for making that next move.

It’s a wise, “safe” first step that only asks for a small upfront “deposit” in your career ($99 [special Offer of Support for LI connections]/$149 otherwise and ~1 hour of your time) to get sound counsel on how best to approach this next career move. (By the way, this is especially important if you are looking to make an internal move…the promotion is the highest stakes career move there is!)

So Don’t Short-Change Yourself

Let us make it easier for you to take that first step. From there, we will build out the rest of your resume portfolio and job search strategy (matching you with the best writer for your background and determining whether our concierge job search agent is a good fit for you) through our Customized Solution Proposal that will provide tailored membership options (Achiever, High Achiever, Over-Achiever, and Exclusive Achiever) that you can choose from. We apply the $99/$149 deposit to your membership whenever you decide to get started, now or 6 months from now.

Risk Free and Safe

We understand that taking that first step with our Prep session is not always easy to do, especially when your corporate culture is in chaos and your management team is in shambles. All you want to do is get your resume together and get going!

We get it. We do! We’ve been there!

But we also know what works. And ultimately, we think your career deserves the best approach.

The question is, though, do you?

If for any reason, based on the prep session, you don’t think we are a good match for you, that’s OK! We will immediately refund your deposit.

So there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. When was the last time you got that guarantee?

(Certainly not from your last employer or your last certification program or college tuition office….oops! Did we actually just say that?! But it’s so true…)