If you’re like many professionals, you know it’s time to make another career move. The writing is on the wall, so to speak. You’ve either been in your current role for a bit longer than you intended, the corporate culture around you is shifting in a direction that you don’t seem to fit into, or you just feel the itch.

Whatever it is, it’s time.

So you’re thinking maybe you should get your resume together…

But as soon as you start talking to resume writers or reading through the latest career trends, you keep hearing the same mantra: “Your resume should be focused, focused, focused. The more focused, the more effective it will be.”

And then you start to panic (or at least twitch or something!). You might even think, “Oh no, do I really want to push myself into such a corner? What if I want to pursue two options? How come I don’t really know what’s next?”

Whatever the situation may be: The good news is that you’re not alone…

We’ve put together the following report for our connections who find themselves contemplating the next move, offering up 11 ways NOT to figure out what’s next in your career.


If you’d like to review the report, please click on the following link:

11 Ways NOT to Figure Out What’s Next in Your Career