Perhaps you can relate: You get up every day and go to work. You work hard. You do your best to provide more value than the next guy. You can even point to a key result or cost savings that made an impact on your department or company. In fact, if it weren’t for you …

You feel good about your contribution. Leadership seems happy too with your efforts…at least for awhile.

Then review time rolls around … or you decide to go for that next step up the ladder. Should be smooth sailing, right?

But before you know it, leadership starts babbling about budget restrictions and poor timing and about how you lack this cert or how they promised such and such to that next guy.

And then you quickly realize … your work history isn’t speaking for itself the way you thought it would.

So what do you do then? Do you really need to “remind” them of all your efforts? If so, how should you go about it?

Our Co-Founder and Senior Technical Job Search Strategist, Stephen Van Vreede, discusses this very issue on our latest podcast. Listen in and learn how to avoid being sidelined by this all-too-common issue!