In today’s marketplace, you might often be thinking: “Good help is becoming increasingly hard to find. Whom do I trust?”

Just like you, this is exactly what employers are wondering when you approach them in the job search process. And just like you, they want more certainty. It’s why the hiring and promotion process is such a zoo.

They’re convinced they need you; they’re just not persuaded to take the chance. After all, like all of us, they too have made poor choices in the past, choices that have cost hundreds of thousands in salary and benefits.

So what do they do? Nothing…or worse, look for cheaper alternatives.

It’s why presentation in today’s market has taken on so much importance, and it’s why it takes more than experience, certs, and strong connections to close an offer.

Presentation dictates response.

When many think of “presentation,” they think of 4-color artwork, a fancy brochure, a flashy website, or a 5-star multimedia campaign. But the presentation I am referring to is more than that because really what makes a presentation so effective has to do with two things: 1) a strategic, well-positioned story that 2) speaks to how it solves the problems of its target market.

In today’s tech market, employers are saying they can’t find good talent, both in leadership and in tech knowledge, but I meet top candidates everyday who fit this bill. The problem? Presentation.

Candidates won’t invest in getting that right, and hiring leaders are too busy to help them connect the dots. Thus, they both end up confused and frustrated, settling for less than they deserve.

That’s why you need to connect the dots.

Don’t just get another resume; instead, understand how to carry that through to your job search strategy and interview. Make sure you really know what’s going on in the hiring world, specifically your hiring world.

It’s not like it used to be out there. That’s for sure. But the biggest risk is doing all the right things, working hard, producing good results, getting the right credentials, and making good connections, only to bomb the presentation.

So make sure you have everything in place to ace it, to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build. This way, when companies consider you for a role, they’ll be persuaded you’re more than worth the investment.