Recruiters are everywhere, but finding the ones who specifically place technical candidates can take a lot of work!

So why spend more time than you have to looking for them?

Successful people in today’s job market understand three things:

  • That time is a currency they can’t afford to waste, especially during a job search.
  • That of course they can do a lot of things on their own but they don’t have to (like do your own taxes, mow your own lawn, and cut your own hair).
  • That recruiters are everywhere, but finding the ones best suited for you is hard to do.

We’ve now made it much easier for you to find the technical recruiter that’s right for you.

It’s part of our concierge job search “launch” solutions that are meant to help build the right kind of momentum and save you precious time. We offer two “recruiter matching options”:

  • A general list of over 1350+ U.S.-based technical recruiters and their agency names, including phone, email, mailing address, and fax numbers.

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(We also have a directory of 800+ IT Project/Program Management Recruiters and a directory of CIO Recruiters [all U.S. based].)

  • A customized list of U.S. technical recruiters prepared by Sue, our Concierge Job Search Agent, that is tailored to meet your specific parameters, industry, position, geography, and needs.

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Do yourself a favor!

Of course you can spend hours researching LinkedIn and paying them just for the privilege of searching their network and sending an InMail message or two to try to find recruiters who meet your needs.

Of course you can call every technical recruiter in a 100-mile radius of your house (even though only a small portion of them might actually place candidates in their local market anymore).

Of course you can avoid recruiters altogether and take your chances with the masses on the online job boards.

There are so many things you can do! But why if you don’t have to?

In the technical job market “zoo” we are in, there are plenty of things to cause you frustration and waste your time.

Finding recruiters doesn’t have to be one of them. That’s why we do what we do.