Once again, Sharon Florentine of CIO.com asked our Co-Founder and Resume Strategist, Stephen Van Vreede, to participate in its “IT Resume Makeover Series.” This time he had the privilege of working with David Thornurb-Gundlach, a leader in enterprise architecture, who was having a hard time sifting through the wealth of experience he had accumulated to slim his resume down to one that showcased his most marketable qualities in today’s market.

In the end, David remarked, “What surprised me most was how unexpectedly excited and motivated I was when I saw the revised version for the first time. Now, I have a great marketing platform that will do a much better job of presenting me, highlighting my strengths, and delivering my message to potential employers. A resume is a living document, and now I’ve made it past the ‘resurrection’ and am in a great position to be able to tweak and fine-tune it for different opportunities and markets.”

To see the end result of Stephen’s work with David, and to learn more about the process they went through to tailor the resume to the “pertinent” facts, check out the full CIO article:

IT Resume Makeover: Just the facts (and only the pertinent ones)