Is it credentials? No. Is it degrees? No. Is it working like a dog? No. Is it not working like a dog? No. Is it turning back your age 10 years? No.

In my advisory work with various technical publications like TechRepublic, I’m constantly asked by technical professionals what they can do to get ahead in today’s corporate market.

The answer is simple … and nobody likes it!

But here it is anyway: The best way to get ahead and be prepared for whatever today’s corporate market throws at you is to be in a state of “ever ready.”

Sounds sexy, right?

Apparently not because so few, very few, actually do it. And yet everyone wants to know how to get ahead! They’ll spend thousands on new certifications and degrees, attend association mixer after association mixer, and catch up on all the latest career trends, but they won’t take the basic steps to keep themselves ever ready to make that next move, which often means they lose the ROI they could get from the investment in the certs and so on.

Why? I’m not sure. Fear, pride, laziness, worry about making work too important in life, worry about not being good enough, stuck in the day-to-day corporate goo, bogged down in personal issues. There are lots of reasons we don’t do what we should do.

Yet, as a technical career strategist I can tell you for certain, especially as we move through this year into next, the “ever ready” corporate entrepreneur is the one with the leg up. And the best part is that although it might sound exhausting and daunting and way out of “work-life” balance, it doesn’t have to be!
It’s the #1 reason why our team does what it does: to make career management simple and to help build in a sense of protection for what you’ve worked so hard for.
So as you move through this year, think about how you can move into a state of “ever ready” in your career. You’ll be glad you did.