Have you ever spent a week just tracking your time to see how much and where/when you will realistically be able to spend it on your next job search?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do BEFORE you get too far into your search! The reason is because it’s important for determining which job search methods will be most available to you.

Time is a form of currency, and in today’s job market, it’s too expensive to waste it.

So the most important thing you can do is know how much you have, when you have it, and where you are going to spend it.

This is exactly what a Strategic Visioning solution does. It prepares a realistic strategy based on your schedule and the time you have available and then it directs you to the methods that are most effective based on your goals and market.

Why waste time if you don’t have to?

To learn more, check out the following article:

How to Develop a Strategic Vision for Your Job Search

Our Concierge Job Search Agent, Sue Sacco, describes this issue as follows:

“The issue of time, or the lack of it, is exactly why I do what I do. I’m here to give you more time! I become an extension of you and devote my time to building the momentum for your search by doing things you rarely have time to do or time to do well. Plus, I do it all from a position of expertise/experience dealing with the job market.

This is what a concierge service does. It’s not that you can’t. It’s that you don’t have to.”