With LinkedIn and other social media bursting on the scene, most professionals either find themselves a bit hooked with using these sites but not really getting anywhere in terms of opportunity creation or frustrated by how much time they waste on these sites. In fact, for most professionals, LinkedIn, in particular, is nothing more than a big Rolodex where you have a nice chat here and there.

In 2014, the concept of using social media to profile employers and build connections at those employers to determine fit, potential opportunity, and strategic networking relationships came out as the #1 way to land a role in today’s market.

It also became the least used method.The reason? Because it takes 1) time, 2) finesse, and 3) patience to nurture. All three of which few busy professionals have.That’s where our Concierge Job Agent, Sue Sacco, comes in. Sue spends the time profiling employers that fit your parameters, building connections at those employers on your behalf (leveraging our large network and yours), and guiding you through how to nurture those contacts.It’s not a magic pill or anything. Sue is spending the time you most likely don’t have. While you focus on networking mixers and job boards, she’ll work behind the scenes to build other momentum that takes precious time and energy to do, especially if you don’t have an engaged LinkedIn network to begin with.

This is what a concierge service does. It’s not that you can’t. It’s that you don’t have to.

To learn more about our Employer Profiling solution (which we now combine with our LinkedIn Network Building), feel free to check out the following presentation (if you haven’t already):

What to Expect from Employer Profiling

If you’re interested in meeting Sue or discussing our Employer Profiling solution, simply contact me at Stephen@ittechexec.com and I will be happy to send you more info. Or even better, click on the calendar below and set up a consult with both Sue and I!

If you’d like to discuss our unique resume and job search “launch” solutions, we’ve made it easy to schedule a free consult with both me and Technical Resume Writer & Career Strategist Stephen Van Vreede.

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