We often think that “career management” has only to do with changing jobs, promotions, and keeping resumes up-to-date. But in today’s world, there is another element of career management that has always been there but is now more important than ever: personal branding.

One of the hardest things about career management in your day-to-day work life is that you don’t want to think about “personal branding” until you have to.

In reality, though, in today’s corporate environment, your branding is being defined for you, if you’re not careful. You’ve most likely already discovered that:

  1. You are being asked to become a stronger brand “ambassador” for your company.
  2. Within the global marketplace, you are working more and more with virtual teams/customers that require you to be “introduced,” forcing you to find ways to connect across the miles.

As a result, many companies want to build your bio and “present” you to the marketplace. On the surface, this seems fine, but if you aren’t careful, the company will end up shaping your personal brand for you, writing the bio, taking over your LinkedIn profile, etc.

Caution: You want some say in how you are presented and defined.

It’s another reason why NoddlePlace and our sister site, ITtechExec, are here … to ensure you that you maintain control over how your branding is shaped within your organization.

To help with that, we offer several “Brand Ambassador” options, all of which are designed to help you stay on target with this phase of your career management, as well as in control of how you are shaping your career. Here are a few of them:

Your Brand Ambassadorship Is Yours to Define