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Why Do Most Technology Projects Fail?

For the past few years now, I have been running an annual poll on Polldaddy asking this question of my connections in tech:

<a href=””>Why Do Most Technology Projects Fail? (This poll has been taken yearly since 2012. Your response will be tabulated for the current year.)</a>

Year after year, the […]

How to Determine Cultural Fit Before You Take the Job

In 2014, we were inundated with reports, blog articles, and LinkedIn group and Twitter chats all driving home the notion that cultural fit was the #1 issue in hiring today. Poll after poll and study after study made it clear that cultural fit was what both candidates and employers […]

How Much Is Your Job Search Time Worth?

Have you ever spent a week just tracking your time to see how much and where/when you will realistically be able to spend it on your next job search?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do BEFORE you get too far into your search! The reason is because it’s […]

Tech Recruiters May Be Everywhere, But They Sure Can Be Hard to Find

Recruiters are everywhere, but finding the ones who specifically place technical candidates can take a lot of work!

So why spend more time than you have to looking for them?

Successful people in today’s job market understand three things:

That time is a currency they can’t afford to waste, especially during a […]

How Ahmed Got Off of the LinkedIn Rolodex Wheel

by Stephen Van Vreede

As you probably know from reading my posts, I’ve been looking at ways to make LinkedIn more effective for my technical connections and client members other than just as a big, modern-day Rolodex. Through the career advisory work I do with TechRepublic, I had a chance to […]

The 12th Way NOT to Figure Out What’s Next in Your Tech Career

I realized after I put together the 11 Ways NOT to Figure Out What’s Next in Your Career report, that it is missing one other key point:

Another way NOT to figure out what’s next in your tech career is to do what the majority does:

Give yourself a way out.

Yes, believe […]

Does Desk Organization Really Matter?

When I was a kid, at least once a year, my father would bring me to work with him when I had some type of day off from school. This was long before the days of organized corporate “bring your kid to work day” events where HR plans some […]

Playing the Job Board Runaround

Answer truthfully: Have you ever gotten a great job via a job board? Do you know anybody who has in the past 5 years?

If your answer to these questions is “no,” or “just one or two,” then you already know for yourself that the job board has faded as […]

Surviving Office Politics 101

No matter how hard we try to get away from the drama of IT and tech office politics, they have a way of sneaking up on us. Whether you’re just starting a new job or you’re working your way up the ladder, it’s essential to know how to handle […]

What is Tech Career Protection Anyway?

We get a lot of questions about what we mean when we say “protecting” or refer to “career protection.” The following presentation tells the story of how this idea of protection took root and how it has evolved into everything we do at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace. It is our […]

What Does Age Have to Do With It?

Age discrimination is a delicate subject, but not talking about it won’t solve the problem. One of the lesser-known truths about it is that — yes — there is something you can do about it.

Today the tech and IT worlds are more youth-obsessed than ever, largely because younger workers […]

Tired of Chasing Certifications?

Job-changers and entry-level job-seekers alike all seem to have the same question: Should I spruce up my resume with extra certifications? And if so, how many do I need to get the job of my dreams?

The answer? It depends.

Of course, showing off your skills and education is a good […]

Doing the Corporate Takeover Limbo

Here’s a snippet of a typical conversation I have with professionals whose companies are experiencing a merger or acquisition:

Pro: “My company was just acquired. I’m not sure what this means for me.”

ME: “OK, so knowing that, what do you think your strategy should be?”

Pro: “I should sit tight and […]

The Road to Hiring Is Paved With Good Intentions

by Stephen Van Vreede

In today’s job search market generally, and especially in the technical arena, there is a lot broken when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. In a recent post I published on LinkedIn in regard to recruiters, from some of the comments, it was evident just […]

Will You Survive the Technical Job Market?

If you’ve followed my posts or read through any of our reports at NoddlePlace or ITtechExec, you will know that I talk a lot about the “95%”, those professionals continuing to approach today’s job market with yesterday’s mindset, especially today’s technical job market.

And this mindset has very little to […]

What “Corporate Entrepreneur” Means to You

Last week I put out a call for responses to a poll asking our audience what the phrase “corporate entrepreneur” meant to them. This topic of corporate entrepreneurship will encompass my contribution to my upcoming book Uncommon with Brian Tracy (Spring 2015), and I wanted to get a sense […]

Are You Chasing After Google Too? [Infographic]

Business Insider released the following infographic citing the top 100 employers based off of stats from LinkedIn. As a technical career strategist, this list is anything but surprising.

And as someone who’s worked with candidates to get into many of these employers, what’s also not surprising is that the more […]

Do “Corporate” and “Entrepreneur” Go Together?

In preparing my content for my upcoming book with Brian Tracy called Uncommon, I’ve been thinking a lot about “corporate entrepreneurship” in today’s world of work. For several years now, I’ve been incorporating elements of this concept into our solutions at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace with the intent of moving […]

You’ve Earned the Cert; Now How Do You Flaunt It?

by Stephen Van Vreede

Recently I was interviewed by Susan Hall for a article, The Best Ways to Flaunt Your New IT Certification.

Here is an excerpt:

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? You’ve worked hard for that Linux certification, and you want everyone to know about it.
At the same […]

Don’t Drink the Egg Nog During Your Holiday Job Search

It’s that time of year again. That time when mixed emotions, nostalgia, sentimentality, joy, anxiety, regret, and depression, all float around us for 6 weeks like some deranged version of the Nutcracker.

And if you’re in career move mode or job search mode, it’s an even more confusing dance.

For on […]

Facts Don’t Resonate, But Career Stories Do

Storytelling is important in the job market. It always has been, and it always will be.

Too often job seekers gets bogged down with the facts of their work history, thinking that is all that matters in the presentation. Although your work history is important, it’s really just a start […]

Significant Others and Your Tech Career: Part II

In Part I, we talked about the fine line between becoming the #1 supporter of our significant other’s career or the #1 impediment. It’s not something talked about openly in the career services field too often, but it is a big factor in how we progress in our careers […]

Significant Others and Your Tech Career

Don’t take this the wrong way, but…

The #1 impediment to career progression is often a significant other. (Yikes!)

The good news, though, is that on the flip side, our significant other can also be the #1 supporter of our career!

The line between becoming an impediment versus a supporter is […]

Recruiters Are From…And Job Seekers Are From…

We’ve written pretty extensively about the strained relations that often go on between recruiters and job seekers. (See Building That Technical Recruiter Pipeline and LinkedIn Profiles and Recruiter Mismatch) It’s certainly no secret that the two groups often find themselves on different planets. To reiterate this point, I recently came across […]

How to Boost Your Tech Career Right Now

Technical professionals are generally very good at listing all the top certifications and credentials they “know” they need to make it in the technical arena. But one item that almost never makes the list is in regard to writing skills.

I’ve harped on this before, and for good reason.

Our writing […]

How to Avoid Job Search Disaster

Two common complaints that I hear when I am speaking with technical professionals are their concern over how (1) unfair hiring practices are and (2) how long the job search process takes.

And they are right on both accounts.

(It’s why we’ve been refining our processes and coming up with solutions […]

How NOT to Figure Out What’s Next in Your Career

Our newest offerings are our What’s Next? solutions. They came out of several years of working with tech/IT/engineering professionals (and those who serve with them) and observing all the things they were doing to try and figure out what’s next for them. The following Slideshare presentation details 11 ways […]

The Power of Negative Preparation in Your Tech Career

I was speaking with a fellow parent a few years ago who has a son my daughter’s age. While our two children were playing together at a birthday party (they were about 5 years old at the time), he was proudly telling me how he “never says no” to […]

If CIO or CTO Is In Your Future…

On Tuesday, October 14, at 12pm Eastern, NoddlePlace Co-Founder Stephen Van Vreede had the opportunity to participate in a TweetChat hosted by @BlueSteps called #ExecCareer. This week the topic turned to CIO and CTO candidates. If you aspire to either one of these roles, be sure to check out […]

Does Your Career Suffer From “Getting Around to It” Syndrome?

I encountered Zig Ziglar ~15 years ago at a leadership conference I attended in Lancaster, PA. Shockingly, and sadly, at the time, I really didn’t know who he was. I was young, supposedly well “educated,” ambitious but green, very green. And so when he came up to me and […]

Do You Have a Reason to Be Positive in Your Technical Career?

If there’s one thing people, especially people in my line of work (career services), love to talk about it is “attitude.”

Usually right on the heels of use of the word “attitude” comes the term “positive thinking.”

Positive thinking is touted as the best way to get through life. It makes […]

Think Job Search “Agent,” Not “Coach”

This whole thing started when I heard someone emphatically “yell” over social media that he “would NEVER EVER use job search services.”

(Note to self: When someone starts “yelling,” and using extremes like “never” and “always” (especially in all caps), that’s a very good sign there’s a need out there, […]

Should “Selling” Be Part of Your Career Management Strategy?

by Stephen Van Vreede

I was having a discussion recently with a colleague of mine in which the word “pitch” was used in reference to candidates in the job search process. This colleague quickly bristled and said, “I don’t advise my clients to pitch anything.”

To which I quickly reminded her […]

Your Generation and Work Revisited

Several months ago, we published the following infographic comparing the different generations in today’s workforce. Since then, we’ve continued to hear a lot of talk (probably too much talk) about multigenerations in the workplace. So we thought we would revisit this infographic as well as place some links to […]

Job Search Dilemma: Turning “Hard Work” into “Business Value”

When you ask most professionals what their best quality is, typically, they will respond with some variation of “hard working.” Sometimes they will call it “dedicated” or “committed” or even “loyal,” but it pretty much all boils down to the fact that they think they work harder than other […]

On the Road to Promotion, the Past Is the Past

Here’s something we all wish were true. Believe me, as a small business owner, I definitely wish it were true! But a product (or service, which is really what your “work” is) does not and cannot sell itself.


Well, there are lots of reasons for this, but essentially, it all […]

Your Job Search Is Not All That Rational

We’d like to think that all of our decisions are rational, that we know how to tell the difference between an emotional response and a logical one, and that we are completely in charge of our emotions.

These are nice thoughts, but study after study proves us wrong on all […]

Introduction to the Rat Race: Part III

In Part I of this series, I started out by talking about what makes us move from the ordinary into the extraordinary, questioning the clichés we often hear when it comes to the use of “excellence.” In Part II, I started discussing some things that my 10-year-old daughter and […]

Are You Your Own Job Search Enemy?

If there’s one thing that we hear over and over again in the tech market, it is that the talent pool is lacking. Yet, when job postings come out, I come across candidates who at least on the surface check off all the boxes on the posting.

So what gives?

The […]

When Written Communication Mattered

It’s funny. I hear a lot of people talking about the importance of strong verbal communication skills these days, but I rarely hear much about written communication skills. I find that odd considering how much written communication the average person now does, from remote work, to documentation, to social […]

Introduction to the Rat Race: Part II

I ended Part I of this series talking about what excellence really is. Often we think of it as hard work and commitment, both of which are noble things. Or we think it comes out of a competitive spirit or extreme natural talent, again not bad things necessarily. They […]

The Job Promotion Mistakes 95% Make

Let’s face it. Most professionals would like to get promoted at their current companies.

It’s much easier than facing another external search and less disruptive to work-life balance. You know the culture, and good or bad, you know what to expect.

But despite the desire to get promoted, most professionals get […]

Your Perception vs. Reality in the Job Market

If there’s one thing I see a lot of when it comes to today’s professional it is a tendency either to overestimate or to underestimate the job market. Either someone is telling me (in so many words) that they don’t need to try very hard to find that next […]

Introduction to the Rat Race

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that my daughter swims competitively for a year-round club team, and like most sports these days, it’s a confusing world, probably made even more so by a sport that is more individual than team oriented and leads you on a […]

Getting Your Resume “Right” for This Recruiter and That Recruiter

If there’s one thing that seems to be difficult for many job seekers to come to terms with it is recruiters. Internal or external ones, the same issues abound: Candidates continue to misunderstand exactly what recruiters do and how they do it, and recruiters don’t necessarily have the time […]

In a Job Search, A “Maybe” Is Still a “No”

Maybe you can relate with Joanne. Joanne was doing some contract work but really wanted a full-time gig. While she was considering what to do about her job search, a miracle happened (or at least it seemed like one at the time). She had a “hot” job prospect come […]

What Is Employer Profiling Anyway?

When it comes to the job search, most professionals seem to understand that networking is the most effective method. However, for them, that usually means meeting people who can tell them about current job openings and hopefully refer them to the employer. In other words, they use networking as […]

The Real Skinny on HR

We’ve written in the past here about HR’s dilemma with IT and other “technical” operations within most organizations. The two have not always seen eye to eye, and many technical candidates I represent tell me that HR doesn’t “get” them, often misunderstanding key skills and background information in its […]

Why Strategic Introductions Matter in Today’s Job Market

It might sound surprising to those who think social media is revolutionary, but if social media does anything, it reinforces the very traditional notion that there really is nothing “new” under the sun. In fact, social media is built on the backs of old-fashioned networking and communication. It just […]

When Your Tech Career Gets Derailed

Recently, our Co-Founder Stephen Van Vreede was interviewed by Rich Hein of regarding 8 ways to get your IT career back on track. One of the things that came out in the article was first how to identify when you might even be off track. For many tech professionals, that […]

How to Avoid Becoming Like 95% of Job Seekers

When it comes to the job search process, there is a lot of frustration, to put it mildly. But perhaps one of the greatest sources of frustration has to do with the resume itself. People seem to have all sorts of opinions about them, from what they should look […]

How to Develop a Strategic Vision for Your Job Search

If you’re familiar with our company background, then you’re probably already aware of how our company has evolved from first a “resume-focused” firm into a “resume with personal branding” firm into a “full-service resume/branding and job search solutions” firm. The reason for our evolution has been simple: We want […]

Is Professionalism in the Workplace #1?

So I was reading through the latest survey data to come out on world of work trends, and I came across this information from the Center for Professional Excellence from York College of Pennsylvania. After surveying about 400 HR professionals, this infographic shows an overview of their results. What […]

Do You Have 1 of the 12 Best Jobs?

In this infographic of the top 12 jobs in 2014 from Job, we see tech positions continuing to rank on top with double-digit growth in most of these positions from 2010 to 2013:


What Does Your Generation Want from Work?

We’ve talked quite a bit about the marriage of the multigenerational workforce in today’s market (Baby Booming to a Millennial Beat and Gen-Xers in the Workplace: The Forgotten Ones?), and I thought this infographic through provided some good data to add to that discussion:

What Makes You Innovative?

By Stephen Van Vreede:

I came across this infographic on Pinterest, and I thought I would share it as “innovation” seems to be the workplace word of the hour.

Right up there with “culture,” the desire to be “innovative” rolls off of corporate and self-employed tongues like it is the answer […]

IT Enterprise Architecture Director (in MN) Candidate Profile

Technology Leader with 18 years of Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, SOA & BPM Experience:

History of progressive technology career accountability, supporting healthcare and financial services operations
Successful in leading teams through all aspects of technology strategy roadmap design and execution
Adept at creating scalable and repeatable infrastructure solutions
Effective in engaging internal IT […]

Good News! Your Personal Brand Is Not About You

In today’s social media world, you might just get the impression that personal branding is something that it isn’t…a carefully tailored image of you that “wows” all who come into contact with it. In other words, you become so attractive, employers and network connections just flock to connect with […]

Why Building Your LinkedIn Network Even Matters

14 LI Network-Building Tips from Stephen Van Vreede

Don’t Miss Out on the Informational Interview

When I speak with technical professionals, many of them will tell me all about their job board skills, all the alerts they have set up and how many resumes they’ve dropped into the proverbial HR black hole. They will tell me that they either love or hate recruiters, and […]

Top 3 Professional Networking Personalities

Although we consistently hear all the praise for the importance and effectiveness of networking in our careers, it continues to remain elusive for many professionals. It’s not bad when you are talking about networking with close contacts, but once you start talking about network building with complete strangers, then […]

Making the Most Out of Employer Profiling

The resume/messaging is in place; the strategic vision for the job search has been set; and your job search agent built an employer profile list, identified strong contacts at these employers, and made the initial introductions. Now it’s time for you to pick up the ball, but you aren’t […]

Skills You Most Need for IT Job Market

Recently, Rich Hein of posted the results of a TEKsystems survey of 244 CIOs, CTOs, and other IT execs across several industries. The survey identified the following 9 IT roles as the most difficult to fill:

Programming & Application Development (with .NET and Java in highest demand)
Business Intelligence and […]

Technical Job Search Stories Perhaps You Can Relate With

I often get asked about the typical technical professional we come across at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace and the type of situation(s) he or she is facing when we first start working together.

Rather than describe these professionals, however, I thought I would let them two of them tell their own […]

Professional Networking Without Proper Positioning Is a Cruel Sport

Networking, networking, networking. When it comes to our careers, it’s a nonstop mantra that keeps repeating over and over in our heads:

We need to network. We need more professional connections. It’s all about who you know and who they know.

Sound familiar? Most likely even if you aren’t saying it, […]

Employer Profiling with Your Own Job Search Agent

Although job boards continue to be the least effective job search method, they remain the one most frequently used. And we get why. They’re alluring. It sounds like the jobs are right there, just waiting for you. You know there is an immediate need, and you know you can […]

Building That Technical Recruiter Pipeline

We’ve talked before about using recruiter “matching” as a way of aligning your background with technical recruiters who place professionals with your skill set and experience. Most candidates find it frustrating to find these recruiters and time-consuming to deal with recruiter “mismatch,” which ends of up being a waste […]

How Prepared Are You for the Next Career Move?

In today’s market, statistically speaking, professionals are looking at a career move (external/internal) every 3 to 4 years. Even if you beat those odds, over a 10-15-year period, that’s 3 to 4 moves. It’s why we spend a lot of time discussing how to prepare and “protect” yourself for […]

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Optimized?

One common question we receive at both ITtechExec and NoddlePlace is how professionals can “know” or understand how their LinkedIn profile rates against other profiles. (I mean, don’t they all look alike anyway?)

We’ve written quite a bit on LinkedIn and the importance of network building and optimizing your profile […]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Technical Job Market

Expectations are a large part of what we discuss at both ITtechExec and NoddlePlace. What are the proper expectations for today’s technical job market that a tech pro should have? Most are surprised to find out that they aren’t what they thought they should be, that they have to […]

Finance, Compliance & Business Controls Leader (in CA) Candidate Profile

Finance Executive with 15+ years of Financial Operations, Forecasting, Data Management & Reporting, and Finance Systems Risk, Audit & Compliance experience:

History of progressive career accountability, supporting financial initiatives across corporate, division, and field operations
Successful in leading teams through all aspects of strategic vision design and execution
Adept at creating Risk […]

When Your New Certification Doesn’t Live Up to Expectations

If you’re anything like our entire team at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace, you’ve probably spent thousands on graduate degrees and certifications, countless hours throwing yourself into the latest development project or solutions initiative, and more time than you might care to admit thinking about work.
Have grad schools and cert programs […]

Social Recruiting Is Here to Stay

As I speak with our members at ITtechExec and NoddlePlace and engage across social media with IT/technical professionals, many are still not convinced of the value of social recruiting in today’s market. Although there are many different job search techniques (and I advocate a diverse “pipeline” approach), the rise […]

How to Make More Out of LinkedIn

Perhaps one of the biggest frustrations I hear from job seekers has to do with LinkedIn. Somewhere along the way, we got this notion that it was supposed to be more than it actually is (a numbers game). Nevertheless, with 96% of recruiters scouring it daily, job seekers play […]

Secrets of an Effective Technical Resume Portfolio

Last week, I published a post called “Move Over Technical Resume, Hello Portfolio.” In that post, I included a presentation that NoddlePlace and ITtechExec Co-Founder Stephen Van Vreede recently made that outlines how a resume portfolio approach is more effective in today’s market. In this post, I am including a second […]

Strategic IT & Product Development Leader (in PA) Candidate Profile

IT Executive with 10 years of Organizational Change, Performance Optimization, and Innovative Solution Delivery experience:

History of solid career progression, earning most recent promotion to drive strategic change across a development organization
Successful in leading teams through all aspects of technology roadmap design and SaaS solution development, service, and support for […]

Senior IT Infrastructure Manager (NL, Canada) Candidate Profile

IT Director with 14 years of developing advanced solutions and providing exemplary service delivery and support:

Development of global ICT framework, building an entire IT infrastructure to reflect new corporate identity as a result of merger
Well versed in aligning ICT strategies with corporate goals, managing the IT procurement and allocation […]

Move Over Technical Resume, Hello Portfolio

The technical resume isn’t dead, but it is ailing.

There are so many more tools at your disposal today, from project highlights options to innovation pages to enhanced LinkedIn profiles to online bios. But you don’t need all of them; you just need to know which ones are best for […]

Wading Through the Muck and Mire That Is Often Corporate

How Not to Get Too Stuck in the Muck and Mire that Is Often Corporate…Even If You Kind of Like It…Sometimes…

There are two discussions that always seem to get me into trouble with my career services and HR pals. One is when I talk about workplace culture in any […]

The Tech Resume Is Only One Part of the Admission Fee

The resume is no longer king of the technical job search jungle.

Let’s face it. That’s how it used to be. You put a basic 1-page resume together, worked a few connections or answered a few job ads, and felt pretty certain the right opportunity would come along. Then if […]

The Internet of Everything (IoE) and What It Means for Tech Careers

A few weeks ago, I published a guest post called “The Industrial Internet and What It Means for Tech Careers” by Fasih Sandhu, which provided us with an overview of the Industrial Internet. As a top consultant in today’s technology field, Fasih writes extensively on the Industrial Internet as […]

Do You Have the Right Combo of Tech and Soft Skills?

In my last couple of posts, I have been discussing the results of a survey conducted by the LMA Consulting Group and APICS Inland Empire, in which they surveyed employers in the manufacturing and logistics arenas. First I looked at the rise in employee retention efforts due to a […]

Skills You Want To Highlight on Your Technical Resume

According to a recent survey by the LMA Consulting Group and APICS Inland Empire, in which they surveyed employers in the manufacturing and logistics arenas, the following professional/tech skills were reported to be the most lacking:

Capacity Planning
Operations Management
Manufacturing Operations Technical Skills (CNC, etc.)
Demand Planning/Forecasting
Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement
Inventory Management
Project Management

These […]

Is Top Tech Talent Staring Them in the Face?

In a recent survey conducted by the LMA Consulting Group and APICS Inland Empire on the manufacturing and logistics arenas, 87% of employers in these fields reported experiencing a serious skills gap in the quality of new tech talent they are attracting. As a result, these employers are beginning […]

When It Comes to Career Advancement, What Is Your Guarantee?

Back when I first started my career, I used to work for a boss who was repulsed by the idea of guarantees.

So when he would put forth some requirement or program that we were to pass on to our staff or our […]

Round and Round We Go: The Workplace Culture Rabbit Hole

If you’ve been following my posts for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that I have been approaching the subject of workplace culture from just about every side over the past several months. The main reason is because HR and career strategists have been touting it as the […]

Technical Career Advancement and Transformation

I have to admit that it’s pretty amazing to be in a business that gets to play a part in transformation.

Even more exciting is to get to do that with professionals who either work in technical fields as support or are techies supporting other operations because, essentially, transformation is […]

Healthcare IT Infrastructure Director (in OH) Candidate Profile

IT Operations/Infrastructure Leader combines 15 years of network engineering with MBA/ITIL Certification:

Designing innovative healthcare IT solutions using LEAN process improvement that better enable business operations
Driving cost savings using technology
Helping lead the business through strategic transformation
Leading the integration of HIS, PACS, and other core technologies
Coordinating the transition to a virtualized […]

Tech Talent You Don’t Want to Miss

Through both our sites, NoddlePlace and ITtechExec, we are privileged to work with some of the best tech talent in the world. As our company has expanded more and more into a global marketplace, we’ve had a chance to appreciate the level of skill that is really out there. […]

Consultants Come in Different Packages

It seems like everyone I speak with lately about the field of “IT” and “tech” seems to be talking about the rise in consulting. I hear stats that say up to half of our IT/tech workforce will have an independent contractor status within the next 10 years or sooner. […]

Information Systems Architect (in NC) Candidate Profile

Information Systems Engineer with 30+ years of IT design and development experience:

Lead teams of advanced systems engineers to research, develop, and support high-priority projects for several U.S. government agencies
Advise the federal government on standards-based business process lifecycle
M.S. degree from the University of Illinois
Active DOD Secret clearance

Want to Find Out […]

Top 5 Technical Job Search Mistakes

Whether we like it or not, a technical job search (any job search, really) entails the selling of a product, which happens to be you. Now, I know that ruffles some feathers even among career strategists because they don’t like the idea of “sales” and “pitch,” so they come […]

Job Hopping Can Be Overcome

In the job market world today, there seems to be an ongoing debate as to who has it the worst: the 50+ crowd, the unemployed, or the job hopper. According to this infographic from, job hopping trumps them all, although that hardly means things are easy for the […]

Pain-Free Techie Career Advancement

In the world of work, there may be nothing more complicated and potentially as painful as techie career advancement/management today.

Things used to be more simple. Either you put your nose to the grind and worked your way up the corporate ladder with one employer (or certainly no more than […]

The Industrial Internet and What It Means for Tech Careers

I am pleased to present an article today from a top consultant in today’s technology field, Fasih Sandhu. Fasih writes extensively on the Industrial Internet as well as on the Internet of Everything through his blogs at I asked Fasih if he would provide my tech readership with […]

Is a Job Commitment the Same as a Marriage Commitment?

I’m really hoping that your answer to this question is “no.”

I’m not sure there was a time when a “yes” answer would have ever been really good. But in today’s market, professionals cannot afford that type of thinking.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This has nothing to do with hard […]

How Marketable Is Your Programming Knowledge?

eWeek recently released its top 10 list of most in-demand programming languages for 2014. No surprise…Java and JavaScript top the list.

Objective C

Several comments were made regarding HTML5 and CSS not being programming languages but markup and styling languages, respectively. Therefore, their inclusion on the list ruffled some feathers. However, […]

Mobile Security Solutions Architect (NYC) Candidate Profile

Vice President/Principal Architect with 15 years of mobile security application design, development, and delivery success:

Lead development teams to create core business solutions for a global technology sales division using Agile, Scrum, TDD, RUP, UML, and SDLC methodologies and MVC and SOA architecture
Define and institute technology standards and best practices […]

IT Resumes and Audience

REBLOG from, February 24, 2014:

Thank you to Sharon Florentine of for publishing our IT resume makeover. I enjoyed working with Amram Hakohen, a senior technical writer, on tightening his resume and building his brand messaging.

It was great to get a chance to talk about the fundamental aspect of […]

The Plus and Minus of Google+ for Job Seekers

Many IT/tech candidates ask us at NoddlePlace about the effectiveness of Google+ in their social media job search. They’ve obsessed over their LinkedIn profiles. They’ve cleaned up and fixed up their Facebook accounts. They’ve begrudgingly joined “the Twitter” (because they read that they should). And now they hear Google+ is […]

The Road to Promotion Is Paved With Strategy

Here is a typical conversation I have with professionals, both technical and nontechnical: “Within the next year, I’m looking to take the next step in my career, whether that is a promotion with my current company or taking on a larger role with another company.”

Me: “OK, so what are […]

Making LinkedIn Work for You

A few weeks ago, I published a post called “With LinkedIn, Size Does Matter.” In that article, I talked about how the LinkedIn system really works (the whole 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing) and how you may find yourself playing the numbers game, especially when you enter into […]

LinkedIn Profiles and Recruiter Mismatch

Meet Bill. Bill is a Systems Engineer who is in full-speed job search mode. He put together his LinkedIn profile a few months ago, and ever since then, he has had nonstop calls from recruiters.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it might be if the calls were relevant to Bill […]

When Big Oil and IT Innovation Collide

Throughout the day-to-day running of NoddlePlace, I come across many fascinating individuals who are out there considering the topics of today’s industry and looking at innovative ways of addressing them. Dr. Byron K. Wallace is one of those people.

Having worked in the oil industry for more than 22 years, […]

There’s No “I” in Techie Career Advancement

…Even if it looks like there is…

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of pressure on working professionals these days to be better at techie career management and advancement. The concept of the “company guy” (or gal) is a fading memory, perhaps for good or bad, so professionals need to […]

Software/Systems Engineering Manager (in IL) Candidate Profile

20 Years of Application Engineering & Solution Design Experience:

Drives quality and expedites release at lower cost for solution development & delivery
Hands-on Technical Team Leader
International & Multi-Cultural Resource Management Background (U.S., Europe, Asia)
Expertise in Project Management and Development Practices: MDE, Agile, RUP
Specializing in Coding Practices: Expert in UML and Automated […]

Software Engineers and Marketing Don’t Mix….or Do They?

Perhaps when you began your software engineering career, you didn’t imagine that someday you might take on a role at a startup with one primary objective: growth…using your design and development skills to lead engineering teams to create innovative ways to market on the Internet.

From A/B tests to landing […]

Gen-Xers in the Workplace: The Forgotten Ones?

Not too long ago, I wrote a blog post called “Baby Booming to a Millennial Beat in the Workplace.” In that article, I touched on some of the generational issues facing Baby Boomers as they finish out their careers in an evolving workplace that is catering to a much […]

Is It Worth Getting a Security Clearance? published the following infographic highlighting the worth of having a security clearance. They surveyed 11,436 of the 4+million professionals who have security clearance. The survey ended in 2012, so the numbers have not been updated since then, but it does show that professionals with graduate degrees and security […]

Good News for Tech Salaries, Finally

According to an article published by at the end of January, technical professionals saw a 3% growth in salary in 2013, with an average of $87,811 across the US (Silicon Valley boasted the highest paying area with an average of $108,603…of course, have you checked out the cost […]

The Interviewing Mistake You Might Be Making

In the laundry list of interview tips (most of them good) that are floating around out there, there is one you probably haven’t heard before…

Because it is a fundamental “law,” if you will, in the art of persuasion, which is really what a job interview is after all.

Now, it […]

Top 10 Project Management Trends for 2014

ITBusinessEdge recently posted its top 10 list for project management trends in 2014.

In summary, here they are:

Expansion of Agile into Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong
Introduction of enterprise project management credential from PMI called the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)SM credential
Rise of virtual learning
Increase in project management consulting to engineering, procurement […]

Does Anyone Want to Be a CIO Anymore?

At one point in time, the CIO spot took the coveted role as the top rung on the corporate IT career ladder. According to a Computerworld survey from August/September 2013, 55% of IT professionals said they aspired to the CIO role (the sample was pretty small, however…only 489 respondents).

Politics […]

With LinkedIn, Size Does Matter

Not long ago, I published a post about social media, quality vs. quantity. In that post, I leaned heavily on quantity with a lot of quality mixed in. Basically, I said that you should have both.

Today, I want to talk about LinkedIn specifically, which I know might get me […]

Which IT Certification Will You Be Getting This Year?

Still thinking about whether to go and get the latest certification this year? Well, Global Knowledge has recently released a review of the 15 top-paying certifications for 2014 that might help you make up your mind.
Top 15:

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) by ISACA – $118,253
Certified Information […]

Product Management Engineer (in WI) Candidate Profile

Developer Advocate with 20+ years of product design and management experience:

Specialist in enterprise cloud/SaaS solutions and virtualization assessment projects.
Recognized for creating intuitive and effective API demos and product learning systems.
Authored award-winning articles and served as editor of a network computing publication.
Served as technology marketing lead to produce content and […]

The Road to Promotion Is Paved With Forgetfulness

In my last post in this series called “The Road to Promotion,” I touched on the short-term memories of many employers. In “The Road to Promotion: A Job Search Is a Job Search Is a,” I went through some key points to consider when launching an internal promotion “campaign,” […]

IT Consultants: Don’t Forget Your Portfolio

No matter where you look expectations for consulting/contract work across the United States and globally are high. Some predictions are as high as 40% of the U.S. workforce will be contractors by 2020.

In the past, I have discussed some important issues to keep in mind when transitioning to a […]

The Road to Promotion Is a Job Search in Disguise

I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last year discussing how internal promotions will be on the rise over the next several years. After what has generally been a lull for at least the last 5 years in particular, this is welcome news. But it comes with […]

The Road to Job Promotion Is Built with Innovation Pages

In an earlier post, “For Tech Resumes, Is PSR the New Format?”, I discussed the story of two IT directors that on paper had similar backgrounds and experience. One of them was successful in his effort to advance his career while the other ended up frustrated. One of the […]

Social Media Engagement Is Nice; Adding Value Is Better

OK, so maybe I am going to play a semantics game today, but…I promise it does have a point, especially if you are trying to figure out how to make the buzzword of the hour “engagement” work in your technical job search.

Not too long ago I published a post […]

IT Executive (Orange County, CA) Candidate Profile

CIO/CTO/IT Executive VP with 20+ years of Technology Leadership and Management expertise:

Turnaround specialist, reversing 6+ years of major technical service delivery issues, bringing about complete transformation of IT infrastructure, mission-critical systems, governance standards, team composition, and IT culture.
IT leader in PMO and IT Governance, Business System Integration and Optimization, […]

For Tech Resumes, Is PSR the New Format?

Here’s the story of two IT directors. Both were engaged with medium-size operations, and both had 15+ years of experience building, launching, and maintaining/transforming IT organizations. And both spent about 6 months putting feelers out conducting a job search. Although they live in two different areas of the country, […]

Is There Really No Room for Individualism in Technical Careers?

All my life, I’ve heard the axiom, “There’s no ‘I’ in team.”

It’s been touted as this really important principle that you should understand and subscribe to for fear of being labeled the dreaded “NOT a team player,” “selfish,” or “only out for number 1.”

And, certainly, it does have some […]

Astronautical Systems Engineering Leader (in CA) Candidate Profile

Engineering Leader in Astronautical Systems Engineering | Composite Materials Solutions | Project Management | Research & Testing:

PhD, Astronautical Engineering
Master of Science (MS), Astronautical Engineering
Aerospace engineer in charge of systems architecture and integration
Campion of project management, research, and technical advisory activities related to the structural durability of composite materials exposed to […]

Is It Time for Systems Thinking?

If you aren’t yet familiar with the term “systems thinking” (particularly as used outside of an engineering context), don’t feel bad. Chances are, though, that if you work in an organizational setting, you might be experiencing some of its effects.

A recent client of mine was hit with it firsthand […]

Business Information Systems Director (in DC) Candidate Profile

Business Information Systems Director – Transforming IT Operations to Reduce Cost of Ownership & Improve Value Delivery:

15 Years of Hands-on Technology & Leadership Experience
6+ Years in Technology Management, Director, and Acting CIO roles
MS – Technology Management
Specialist in Enterprise Data Management Solutions and Business Intelligence and Big Data Programs
Well versed […]

Waging the War for Tech Talent

In a previous post, “Is Your Resume Ready to Face the Tech Talent War?”, I talked about the ongoing war for tech talent and discussed the finger-pointing and blame game that has been going around. I also looked at how tech candidates can position their IT resumes to take […]

Preparing Your IT Resume For War

As we charge ahead into 2014, gone are the days when we would argue over whether a war for tech talent really existed. Now, it seems, the general consensus is that this war is very much alive and well and that it will only escalate as we move into […]

IT Director (Montreal, Canada) Candidate Profile

IT Director with 18+ years of Innovation in SOA, Solution Architecture Integration, Software Development, IT Management & Governance:

Specializes in the architecture design, development, implementation, and management of mission-critical enterprise applications
Proficient in meeting the stringent regulatory standards for the global financial, banking, ISP, and pharmaceutical markets
Received MBA and a Master’s […]

The Demand for Healthcare IT

With the healthcare IT arena exploding right now, here is a brief overview of what to expect if this is a sector you want to break into. Candidates should be aware that despite the strong job market in HIT, the need for developer and programming skills is a must […]

What Does the Future Hold for the Engineering Job Market?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has released its projections for the engineering profession spanning through 2018. To visualize the progression of this job market, GlobalSpec has produced the infographic you see here.

Overall, the market for biomedical engineers and civil engineers seems to be trending the best, but […]

Is the Twitter Job Search Worth It?

This is exactly the same question I have been asking for a long time now.

It is no secret that I have been a Twitter fanatic. When I first started using it, as a small business owner, I saw so many possibilities for me as well as for job seekers. […]

Social Media Job Search: Quality and Quantity

Hopefully this won’t come as too much of a surprise, but….Social media networking really isn’t all that different from traditional networking. Whether you meet face to face or online, there is always an issue of quality versus quantity: quality of network interactions versus quantity of network connections.

And there is […]

The Re-Making of IT Careers

We’ve been witnessing a major transition in the role of IT in most organizations from service provider (or resident “firefighter”) to strategic business partner for some time now. Or at least we have been witnessing a lot of “talk” about this transition.

The reality in many organizations, particularly smaller shops, […]

In Technical Careers, Which Is Better: Perception, Reality, or Both?

I was having a conversation with someone in the telecommunications field the other day, and she was telling me that she has a new director for her department. Within minutes of starting their first one-on-one meeting, the director quickly explained that his leadership style was based on perception over […]

Is Your Tech Career a Bit Like the Roomba?

For all of you Roomba fanatics out there (and I’m one of them), you will appreciate this post. If you’ve never witnessed an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner in action, then the next best thing might be to picture a Zhu Zhu pet or some other sensor-operated device. (I happen […]

The Disconnect with Disconnecting: The Great Vacation Debacle

As a career professional, I spend lots of time discussing benefits packages with my clients. What I’ve discovered is that the type of benefits package offered by a company can often trump salary for many people (or at least be a strong deciding factor). And although health care is […]

Overcoming the Holiday Hiring Lull

So here we are in December, and you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a holiday job search.
For most, the winter holidays are an enjoyable time for friends and family. However, job seekers have historically struggled during this time. They find that the volume of job advertisements […]

Fallibility in the Workplace: You’re Probably Not, But I Am

In a recent post, A Career Without Regrets? What’s That?, I talked about the quest to live a regret-free life. Essentially, I said that although it is a noble goal, and one we certainly would all like to achieve, in my mind, it is pretty unattainable because, well, we’re […]

Climbing Out of the LinkedIn Wasteland

You would be hard-pressed to hear many negatives about LinkedIn these days, especially when it comes to the job search and personal branding. It is very popular to talk about how LinkedIn is the place to be for career networking and the job search.

And certainly recruiters love it.

Let’s face […]

Is Mobile Recruiting a Job Seeker’s Friend?

Boy, do we love trends. A study like the one by PotentialPark comes out that 19% of job seekers are using mobile devices to look for job opportunities, and suddenly we have an outbreak of mobile recruiting (the study also states that 50% can “imagine” doing so…whatever that means).

Social […]

Regional IT Sales Manager (Hardware/Software) Candidate Profile

PA-based Technical Sales Leader with experience providing IT hardware/software solutions for up to 300 clients across 18 states:

Takes a strong consultative approach to sales process to achieve $2.4M sales quota
Has received repeated promotions, moving up quickly from Territory Manager to Regional Manager
Understands how to craft the best solution for […]

No Room for Error in 2014 Tech Job Market

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am going to take one more stab at emphasizing the number one skill you must acquire to break into the tech industry in 2014: basic knowledge of programming. If you haven’t read my earlier posts, “Don’t Know Computer Code, […]

International Oil and Gas Operations Leader Candidate Profile

CA-Based Production Supervisor with extensive experience in onshore and offshore LNG/Natural Gas/Crude Oil production:

Certified in Process Plant Technology, with HAZOP, HAZID, HSE, and OH&S expertise
Specialist in designing competency-based training assessments (CBTAs), training presentations, and technical procedures
Well versed in Permit to Work (PTW) & ISSOW systems
Expert in Safety Training Drill & […]

Don’t Know Computer Code? Well, Then, You Don’t Know…

In the article, “Sorry, College Grads, I Probably Won’t Hire You,” Kirk McDonald, president of PubMatic, an ad tech company in Manhattan, made a provocative case for why despite the plethora of computing jobs that will be available over the next decade (120,000 as of his count), the 40,000 […]

Suddenly Everyone’s a Techie These Days

Techies: Congrats! You’re finally cool. :-)
With a plethora of job openings in the tech sector, it should come as no surprise that those who once thought they would rather do anything else but program code or work with “tech” (much less hang out with those who do) are now […]

In 2014, It’s Time for Technical Career Insurance

One issue that has been on my mind a lot lately is the concept of insurance, particularly when it comes to our careers. It’s not a very exciting topic, I know, but when you are advising on technical career management day in and day out, it is hard not […]

The Rise of She-Geeks

A lot has been made in recent years about the shortage of women geeks in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (otherwise known as “STEM”) fields. There seems be a great deal of conjecture on why more women are not taking up these fields, but according to this infographic from […]

Big Data: Top 15 Companies

In August 2013, Network World published a list of the 15 most powerful big data companies. We have summarized the list here with the amount of big data revenue (as of 2012) listed in parentheses.

1. IBM ($1.3B)

2. HP ($664M)

3. Teradata ($435M)

4. Oracle ($415M)

5. SAP ($368M)

6. EMC ($336M)

7. Amazon (revenue […]

Wireless Solutions Architect and Network Operation Specialist Profile

Phoenix, AZ wireless solutions architect and network operation specialist with ~10 years of experience:

CCNA, MCSE, and MCSA technical credentials
Bachelor of Science degree
Experience with major airline, retail, and technology services companies
Won recognition for state-of-the-art network infrastructure design
Drove adoption of wireless innovation
Improved security and capabilities of mobility solutions

Want to Find Out […]

Retiring from Retirement? Resume Tips for Techies Re-entering the Workforce

Getting Back in the Game
It is very common today to hear about folks making the decision to return to the workforce after retiring for a few years. In almost all cases, it comes down to a lifestyle decision of some type. For example, some elect to return to work […]

Upstate NY-based Healthcare Marketing Pro Candidate Profile

Western/Upstate NY healthcare marketing pro with advanced-level communication and health science degrees:

Marketing and communications internship with the World Health Organization (WHO)
Medical specialist internship supporting medical device use at primary care providers
Designed and developed websites for healthcare organizations
Strong knowledge of Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels
Well versed in […]

From the Corporate Goo to the Techie Job Market Zoo

Fact or Fiction? Hiring Is About Finding the Best Talent
Spend a few minutes on social media wading through techie job search advice, and you are bound to see lots of pronouncements about how companies are “determined” to find the best talent, that there is a “severe” shortage of top […]

US-based Chief Product Development Officer Candidate Profile

US-based Chief Product Officer with 15+ years of product development, engineering, and management experience:

International experience in B2B industries
UC Berkeley MBA
R&D and Product Engineering for complex technical issues
Excellent organizational leader creating high-accountability structures
Brings focus on value delivery and ROI in product development decisions
Pioneers the development of rapid release SaaS solutions

Want […]

Why Your Tech Resume Portfolio Needs Your Domain Name

OK. So you might be thinking, “what does my domain name have to do with my tech resume portfolio?”

Answer: More than you might think.
Owning your domain name will soon become more important than ever.
If you’re like me, you probably never gave it much thought. I mean, who cares about […]

Phoenix-based Cisco Voice Network Engineer (CCNA Voice) Candidate Profile

Phoenix AZ area Cisco Voice Network Engineer (CCNA Voice) with 5+ years designing/deploying voice networks:

Facilitated the design and implementation of a billing solution that secured $20M in uncaptured revenues
Optimized call routing and customer experience with CTI and CRM desktop integration
CCNA Voice and CCNA R&S
CCNP Voice Certification in progress
Master of […]

Waiting Around for Technical Career Advancement Is Time Consuming!

In two previous posts (“Who Sets the Rules in Your Career?” and “The Top 2 Technical Career Motivators”), I focused quite a bit on what motivates us the most when it comes to our careers. In this post, I am going to discuss what seems to be the least […]

The Top 2 Technical Career Motivators

In a prior post called “Who Sets the Rules in Your Career,” I talked about the self-imposed structure that many professionals have when it comes to their careers. Within that post, I also touched on how many of our rules come out of what motivates us, consciously or subconsciously.

I […]

Taking Your Technical Career Overseas

Increasingly we are seeing candidates come to us who are either U.S.-based and wanting to explore opportunities for their specific technical skill sets overseas or who are currently abroad and want to enter into the U.S. job market. With “globalization” the buzzword of the hour, and certain skills harder […]

NJ-Based Construction Project Engineer (PE) Candidate Profile

New Jersey Construction Project Engineer and Efficiency Expert w/6 years of experience, PE license:
•Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
•LEED AP accreditation
•BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers
•Taking building projects from design to construction and completion
•Brings focus on value engineering
•Excellent customer-facing and engagement management skills

Want to Find Out More?
Many recruiters and employers come […]

Will the CIO Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

While scouring Twitter recently, I came across a discussion regarding the CIO title and whether it was becoming obsolete or evolving. The question was what alternative title there might be to the CIO title.

A few suggestions during this discussion were Chief Technology Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, […]

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NYC Software Developer (Java, .NET, C#, PHP) Candidate

New York City Software Developer, 5+ years experience, banking, healthcare, energy, retail…Java, .NET, C#, PHP:

Developed application for energy company to run remediation scripts 10x faster
Created SQL-based algorithms for supply chain, distribution, and inventory management
JavaScript, C/C++, VBScript, PowerShell Scripting, Delphi, and Python
AJAX, jQuery, CSS, and HTML
Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with […]

Who Sets the Rules in Your Career?

I am always fascinated by how we love rules, especially in our careers. Something in us just seems to crave structure. If it doesn’t exist, we create it. And if it does exist, we try to understand it.
We want to know the rules.
Even those renegades among us who like […]

Environmental Scientist (Vancouver, BC) Candidate Profile Snippet

Vancouver-based Environmental Scientist with 8 years of experience:

Registered Professional Biologist
MS in Environmental Science
BS in Environmental Science
Won multiple scholarships, grants, and awards
Author and co-author of several peer-reviewed journal articles
Presenter and speaker at environmental industry conferences and government symposia

Would You Like to Find Out More?
Many recruiters and employers come to NoddlePlace […]

Demand for IT Networking Skills Continues to Rise

Did you know that IT networking is considered the second fastest growing occupation in the United States? According to the following infographic released by Cisco, it is.

Now, admittedly, Cisco has a lot to gain from the data presented here (i.e., “you need more Cisco certs!”), but I thought the stats […]

Techies and Likeability: Do They Go Together?

Now, I hope no one will get offended by what is clearly meant to be somewhat tongue and cheek with a bit of truth mixed in. The truth part is that our beloved, hardcore techie geeks are not known on a general level for being the most, well, likeable. […]

PMP IT Project Manager Experienced in Emergency Management Candidate Profile

Florida-based PMP Certified IT Project Manager w/extensive experience in public crisis/emergency management projects:

E911 Systems Implementation
Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems
IBM DASD Systems
Delivers projects on budget and within tight deadlines
Thrives under pressure for flawless execution
Able to bring together cross-functional teams

Would You Like to Find Out More?
Many recruiters and employers come to NoddlePlace looking […]

Project Management & Conflict: What? Really? (Infographic)

I know it’s hard to believe (she says tongue in cheek), but project management is often ripe with conflict. In regard to that, an interesting infographic on project management conflict was distributed as result of the 2012 Pink Elephant Conference. Elizabeth Harrin gave a presentation on managing conflict during […]

Your Job in Tech Market: Is it Time to Stay or Time to Go?

Classic career advice says that you should aim to stay at every job for a minimum of one year — but how do you know when it’s time to move on?

There’s been a lot of talk in the past few years about the dramatically changing workplace and how shorter […]

Should Your Income Be a Secret Anymore?

What would you do if you found out your colleagues were making significantly more than you for the exact same work?

Think back to all of those times you stayed late at the office. The skipped lunch breaks. Missed social opportunities. And especially all of those brilliant ideas of yours […]

IT Resumes: How to Stick to the Pertinent Facts

Once again, Sharon Florentine of asked our Co-Founder and Resume Strategist, Stephen Van Vreede, to participate in its “IT Resume Makeover Series.” This time he had the privilege of working with David Thornurb-Gundlach, a leader in enterprise architecture, who was having a hard time sifting through the wealth of experience he […]

Video Resumes: Are They Worth the Investment?

Sending traditional resumes into the void can feel like you’re throwing away your time and energy over and over again. In a competitive IT and tech job market, candidates who don’t cut it often won’t even receive a polite rejection letter. (The nerve!) One work-around to the drudgery of resume […]