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What Are the First Steps to Building More Certainty in Your Career? [Podcast]

We’ve launched our first podcasts here at NoddlePlace and our sister site, ITtechExec. (Finally!!) Listen to our first episode on building more certainty into your career:

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Is It Possible to Be Certain About Your IT Resume?

When I begin working with a new IT job seeker, without fail, there are two things they are hoping for: (1) a simplified career move backed with a level of (2) certainty (or peace of mind). With the job market a bit of a “zoo” and corporate hiring processes […]

7 Salary Negotiation Tips You Probably Haven’t Used (Well)

7 Salary Negotiation Tips You Probably Haven’t Used (Well) from Stephen Van Vreede

Today’s Tech Job Market Can Be Uncertain, BUT

Let’s face it. Making a career move in today’s tech job market can be uncertain.

By “uncertain,” I don’t mean lack of jobs. I mean, well, uncertain. Career moves are happening every 3 to 4 years. Even if you beat those odds, change is very much a part of […]

Your Tech Resume: What to Do With All That Experience

by Stephen Van Vreede
I had the privilege of working with David Thorburn-Gundlach recently. David is an enterprise architecture leader who had an outdated, 9-page resume from 10 years ago. When he tried to update it, he was having difficulty determining how to represent his experience in a way that […]