NoddlePlace: Where Noddles Come Together

Stephen Van VreedeOur followers on Twitter know us as @ITtechExec and @rezlady, but IRL (in real life), we are Stephen and Sheree Van Vreede.

In 2001, we launched No Stone Unturned, a resume (or résumé, for the purists among us) and career services firm. Under the No Stone Unturned umbrella, we have ITtechExec, a technical resume and career insurance and protection service for executive-level IT/technical clients (15+ years), and now NoddlePlace (“noddle” means “head”), a technical resume and career advancement service where we can put our “noddles” together with our emerging techie friends (5-15 years).

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We don’t just write resumes. We make technical career advancement simple in an insane job market.

Back in the not-so-distant day, you put a basic resume together, worked a few connections or answered a few job ads, and felt pretty certain the right opportunity would come along. Then if you worked hard and didn’t burn too many bridges, you most likely had a pretty secure career path ahead of you perhaps even with the same company.

Furthermore, if you were really ambitious and got all those certifications and advanced degrees, doors would just open left and right. (Most likely when you started out, someone told you this was how it would work for you too…?)

If you’re looking for old school, we’re not it. We focus on what works in today’s market.

Today’s market is certainly less clear. Obtaining all the expensive certs and degrees is great, but a lot of other people have them too, which makes competition strong no matter what level you are at. Plus, companies have notoriously poor hiring and retention processes, which often leads to mismanagement of your talent and experience.

So the path to career advancement is not quite so certain. You know you have a lot to offer, and you know you could be even further along than you are. But despite all the talk of advancement and promotion opportunities, life, personal stuff, your current job all seem to conspire to keep you from getting where you want to go at the rate you would like to get there.

Technical career advancement begins with preparation and continues with maintenance/protection. That’s what we do for you.

It’s not really a question of being optimistic or pessimistic. Having good karma or bad karma. About always landing on your feet or swimming with the fishes. It’s about recognizing the market for where it is right now and moving forward with it.

With tech professionals changing jobs every 3 to 4 years, consulting/contracting on the rise, and fierce competition for promotions, it’s time to try something that is based on how the market is actually working now, not 10, 15, even 5 years ago. It’s why we’ve taken a membership approach instead of just a resume-based one. Sure, we’ll write your resume, but wouldn’t you rather take a more holistic approach that actually works?

Our members know their careers are valuable. Do you?

Whether you are an external job seeker looking for a new full-time role, a consultant going for the next contract, or an internal “mover” seeking promotion or just retention (such as during an acquisition), because we are following the tech job market closely, we can guide you to the right tools for you. No one can predict for certain what the market will do, but we can make sure that you are properly prepared for whatever comes.

BUT first you have to decide whether you are dedicated to protecting all that talent and experience you’ve invested in. We know it is time-consuming to do, and that it requires some investment. From our resume and brand messaging solutions to our job search “launch” solutions, we build innovative strategies that are simple for you and reduce the stress that can come with career management. They also bring you a return because we care about the results (unlike all those institutions charging for advanced degrees; we know because we have them too).

So let’s avoid the #1 pitfall 95% of technical pros make in the tech job market zoo…

They don’t adapt. They overestimate the value of their experience and certifications to the market (they think those alone will “sell” them). They remain stuck in how the job search process used to be or in expecting the next promotion to come because it always has before or because they’ve worked hard for it and deserve it. It can be a rude and expensive awakening to find out that what used to work is now not as effective.

That’s why NoddlePlace is here…to make sure you are part of the 5% who get properly prepared for where the tech job market is today and who seize control over the course of their careers.